Managed Virtual Hosting

Managed Virtual Hosting

Tibus Managed Virtual Hosting is designed for organisations that need their own server for their website and digital applications.
  • A server dedicated to your business without any Capex cost
  • No additional server management costs
  • Powerful for performance: your website visitors all served quickly and reliably
  • IT Security: a server dedicated to your sole use and managed for security 
  • Scalable and fully customisable to your business need
  • Cost-effective with absolute certainty on every monthly bill
  • Physical locations in Dublin (EU hosting) and in London (UK hosting)
  • Billing options in €EUR, $USD and £GBP, wherever your server is located

A Tibus Managed Virtual Server is perfect for you if...

Your business has outgrown shared or super-cheap VPS hosting
Your IT team is extremely busy or doesn't want to manage web hosting
IT security is critical to the stakeholders in your organisation
You need your hosting company to work directly with your website developers and designers
You require 24x7 support, especially during business hours
You are likely to need proactive advice and steering, particularly for IT security
Local telephone and email technical support is important to you
Reliability, professionalism and peace-of-mind is important to you
A simple, all-in-one service is your preference
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Where do you want your Managed Virtual Server to be located?

The physical location of data and systems is often very important to clients.

We offer Managed Virtual Server location options in the UK, in the EU and combinations of both.  

European Union / EEADublin, Ireland

  • Equinix DUB-1 data centre
  • Guaranteed E.U. data residency
  • Full ISO 27001 certification
  • VMware hypervisor
  • Dell VxRail infrastructure
More details and options

United Kingdom / Great BritainLondon Docklands

  • London TeleHouse data centre
  • Guaranteed U.K. data residency
  • Full ISO 27001 certification
  • VMware hypervisor
  • Dell VxRail infrastructure
More details and options

Location neutral London + Dublin

  • TeleHouse or Equinix data centres
  • E.U. and U.K data sovereignty
  • Full ISO 27001 certification
  • VMware hypervisor
  • Dell VxRail infrastructure
More details and options

How we make our Managed Virtual Servers 

Tibus Managed Virtual Server features and benefits

  • VMware

  • Windows Server

  • MS SQL  

  • Veeam back-up

  • Ubuntu and other OSS

  • Carbon Black and Bit Ninja

      • Unlimited data transfer, presented on 1Gb ports

      • Industry leading connectivity for exceptional end-client browsing experience

      • Connectivity to the world's largest Internet providers

      • Peering to the national Internet Exhanges (IXPs) in Ireland and UK: LINX, LoNAP and INEX

      • Tailored routing preferences

      • Customised firewall rules

    • Dell VxRail hardware, supported and maintained on Gold Level Support

    • Cisco network infrastructure throughout

    • Bespoke, tailored technical designs for your specific audience and applications

    • VMware with full Tier-1, guaranteed separation throughout

  • Managed Cisco Firepower firewall protection throughout

  • DDoS network protection shield using Cloudflare, fully managed by Tibus 

  • Full ISO-27001 certification on IT Governance and IT Security

  • Carbon Black or Bit Ninja endpoint protection on every server instance

  • Unlimited support by phone, live chat, video call, in person, via ticket systems and via email.

  • 24x7 Support - not outsourced - all delivered by staff Tibus engineers

  • Detailed service monitoring included, with alerts to your chosen system or team available

  • Service reviews and detailed KPI management for ongoing quality-of-service guarantees

  • Unlimited 3rd party audits included (e.g. InfoSec, 3rd Party Supply-Chain and internal business Risk Assessors)

  • Physical visits for server inspection accommodated

  • Full ISO-27001 certification on IT Governance and IT Security

  • FSQS-certified

  • Daily back-ups taken locally and offsite to meet even the most stringent data availability requirements

  • MTTR (mean time to recovery) of 15 minutes possible

  • RPOs (recovery point objective) of 1 minute possible

  • Full-featured DR (disaster recovery) to meet even most demanding business risk postures

  • Service reviews and detailed KPI management for ongoing quality-of-service guarantees

  • Transparent, fair Service Level Guarantees, with rebate provisions 

  • 99.999% Service Level Availability guaranteed

  • Every element of your Virtual Server is monitored and managed proactively

  • 99.999% Service Level Availability guaranteed

  • Uptime robot NAGIOS (including content checks)

  • LibreNMS – Monitoring of all network equipment

  • Smoke Ping – Utilised to monitor uptime of network equipment around your Virtual Server

  • NetFlow Analyser – Monitoring of all network traffic to and from your Virtual Server

  • Graylog – Logging of network traffic, customised per client need

Specifying, ordering and paying for your Managed Virtual Server

  • Our engineers will help you size the Virtual Server for your business needs

  • Technical specification is free, with no commitment 

  • Most clients choose 12 month terms

  • 3 month, 6 month, 36 month and 60 month terms available

  • We use DocuSign for contract agreements, all done via email  

  • We aim to have your server ready within the same business day you order it

  • Billing period starts from the RFS (ready for service date) you agree with us 

  • You can choose GBP, EUR or USD, regardless of where your main business is and where your Virtual Server is 

  • Most credit cards

  • Apple Pay, Paypal and Google Pay

  • Post-pay invoice by BACS and IBAN

  • Pre-payment options 

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