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Making Leicester's public services available online

A single Managed Virtual Hosting solution for a wide array of web applications and websites

Leicester City Council

Making Leicester's public services available online

The background

Leicester City Council serves a population of almost 400,000 people. The city is diverse, multicultural and it is growing. It boasts a wealth of history and contemporary interest from sport, music, literature and cuisine to business, Universities and modern industry. It serves a whole range of communities within its council area.   

The City Council is highly progressive and leads the way in delivering services to its citizens online as well as physical channels. It wants to do even more in the digital channel, utilising its service delivery budgets to their fullest.

The challenge the City Council IT and Digital Services teams have is that their website and application 'estate' is diverse. Like many city and county councils, it has a range of web agencies and digital / software development providers, serving the Council's various specialist requirements. 

What we did

We offered Leicester City Council a Managed Virtual Hosting solution that allows the IT teams to host and maintain the various applications in one place - regardless of the underlying application or the individual agency that provides it.

Our managed service wrap is centred on ensuring the web applications are all monitored, managed and secured. Releases and stability are co-ordinated with the digital agencies that serve the Council, with these processes and procedures all managed by Tibus. 

The underlying website hosting platform is designed to be performant and offer a fast, reliable experience for all users, whether they are using the fastest broadband in a work setting, or a mobile connection on a modest smartphone at home.

The UX (user experience) for each citizen is of absolute importance for Leicester City Council, and its demands for inclusivity. Our solution helps the City Council meet that need on a real measurable basis.   

The result of our work together

The Council continues to drive digital services delivery for all its citizens, regardless of their location and their individual situation. No-one is left behind and all users can access the services online that they need to, both business and individuals. This inclusivity matters. 

The solution Tibus manages for Leicester City Council means that small digital providers, particularly those from the local area can supply services to the Council in the way that works best for them. This in turn means excellent value-for-money for the Council area citizen.

And because our service is fully managed and supported, the Council IT teams don't need to invest time and attention to managing web infrastructure, or wrestling with many different web technologies. Instead it can focus instead on value creation for its stakeholders and real-word service delivery impact for its citizens. 

“We serve a vast array of audiences online at Leicester City Council. And the demands for excellent digital serviced delivery only increase. Tibus help us deliver value-for-money by bringing the specialist technical knowledge we need to host our collection of websites and applications. A really valuable partner".

Brian Lisowy, Communications & Marketing Manager, Leicester City Council