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Tibus is ISO-27001 certified

The gold standard in IT Security, InfoSec and IT Governance

For organisations that have an important website
and demanding stakeholders

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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001-2022 is the gold standard in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It is a detailed framework that details the very best in Information Security practice. It is designed to allow non-specialists to be confident that their website and applications are properly secured and managed.  

We have had ISO 27001 in place since 2014. We were one of the very first hosting providers in Ireland and the UK to successfully achieve the certification.

We are certified by the best and most demanding ISO 27001 assessors in Ireland and the UK, Certification Europe. More details below.

Our ISMS scope 

We believe in covering all of our business and operations, so that it is a fair and real reflection of what we do for our clients.

"The security provision of all corporate and client information associated with the Sales, Management and Support of Hosting, Streaming and Connectivity solutions to customers in the UK and Ireland."

Why is ISO-27001 important? 

Information Security is fundamentally important to modern organisations that have any kind of reliance on their website or digital assets.

Because Tibus has the very best certification available to hosting providers, our clients can be sure that their website is secure. 

We also work with the very best specialist InfoSec advisor in our industry Vertical Structure. This double-layer of advice and challenge gives our clients an exceptional level of confidence in everything Tibus does from an Information Security perspective. 

How we use ISO-27001 for our clients

The scope of our ISMS covers all the elements that go into making our clients websites and applications secure. We use it to manage our business operations, not just technically but from a business perspective too. 

ISO-27001 is obviously directly relevant to our finance, utility, transport, e-commerce and government clients. But less widely known is that we use it for smaller organisations too - from independent internet retailers to SMEs and other organisations that are small but need a secure Internet presence. 

Benefits of our ISO-27001 to our clients

Our clients use our certification for their own business to:

  1. Offer demonstrable assurance for their risk committees and other Board-level interests

  2. Scope and drive monthly or quarterly compliance meetings (we do this as part of our service to Managed Hosting clients)

  3. Ensure they can meet supply chain, vendor compliance and other risk control requirements

  4. Ask questions and focus efforts on InfoSec and general IT Security across their organisation 

Can you use ISO-27001 hosting for your organisation?

ISO 27001 is something that Tibus can offer your organisation. New clients of all types join Tibus all the time. We're always open to talking and advising, with no commitment at all. We're always happy to help.  

Enjoy the confidence of ISO-27001 certified hosting for you organisation

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Tibus ISO 27001 Certificate

CertificateTibus ISO-27001

We have been ISO-27001 certified since 2014.

Our ISMS drives everything we do for our clients.

Download our ISO 27001 Certificate
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Our ISO-27001 InfoSec AdvisorsVertical Structure

Vertical Structure are one of Tibus' most trusted specialist advisors. We have been working closely with the team since 2010, on client engagements, on Tibus ISMS and on engagements for the wider group we are part of.  

Founded in 2006, Vertical Structure is an independent cyber security consultancy with a ‘human-first’ approach. It specialises in providing human-focused security and penetration testing services for web applications, cloud infrastructure and mobile applications.

Vertical Structure

Our ISO-27001 assessorsCertification Europe

Certification Europe are Europe's most demanding ISO assessors. We have been working with them since the start of our ISO certification journey. 

The organisation provides Certification, Inspection and Training services to national and local Government bodies, multi-nationals, enterprise clients and SMEs in over 40 countries globally.

Certification Europe
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