The work in Tibus is technical and varies extensively from day-to-day. Our team ethos is friendly, but professional and hard working. We expect all our Engineers to think for themselves, to challenge orthodoxy and to take personal responsibility for their work.

Academic qualifications in disciplines such as Software Engineering or Computer Science are common in Tibus, but they are not mandatory. The single most important credential we look for in our people is a personal interest in technology, combined with a willingness to learn.

Our people come from all walks-of-life and from many different industries. We are respectful of diversity. All Tibus Engineers have in common the ability to understand available technical solutions and apply those to the customer problems they have been allocated.

We do not segment technical roles in Tibus. Our approach is based on tailoring solutions for the specific requirement of our clients, which almost always means a multi-platform approach. Our Engineers might work on DNS one day, BGP another and finish their working week on VMware builds.

We encourage continual development and learning, with a vendor-specific leaning.

Tibus is a technically-led hosting provider, but we are unapologetically client-focused, from sales through to finance and technology. Working with directly with clients via email, over the phone and in face-to-face technical meetings is the central part of working life in Tibus.

If you like the sound of working with us, we'd love to hear from you.

We don't have any live vacancies open at the moment.

However, we're always keen to hear from people that want to work with us.

Please email [email protected]