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Moving to Tibus

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Moving your business to Tibus

We provide a full, managed 'white glove' migration service for clients that have existing website and applications and wish to move those from their current provider into Tibus. 

This process has been honed over hundreds of similar migrations. We know our clients need us to help them and we know what the key elements go into making successful migrations.

In almost all cases our migration services are free and included as part of our services.

Working with your existing website and applications

We don't just accept brand new websites and applications. We can provide new solutions in Tibus, for your existing websites, databases and online applications.   

Our new clients can rarely start completely from fresh. So they need to find a trusted new home for what they have in place already. We will provide proactive, experienced and approachable support and advice for the digital assets you have.

Don't re-write. Re-home in Tibus instead.  

Have things with your current website provider changed?

Your previous web designer or hosting company has gone into administration or has disappeared altogether
Your current provider is changing direction and is no longer willing to maintain your website or applications
Your in-house developer or designer has moved on but you don't want to recruit and start all over again
The relationship with your web host, design agency or developer has broken down beyond repair
Changes in your requirements e.g. insurance, IT Security, risk and audit, supply chain assurance etc.
You need a better, higher quality provider for hosting and website maintenance

The move-to-Tibus service

  • Detailed requirements gathering of your current website and applications

  • Clear, honest recommendation on server needs and other technical requirements

  • Technical design and planning for the new server or platform

  • Experienced and approachable Customer Success Manager assigned personally to the project

  • Project management and sequencing - proactive by Tibus and stress free for you

  • Clear steps and written text for you to communicate with your previous provider to ensure no loss of service

  • Data porting and application build by our own staff engineers in your new hosting home

  • Technical cutover, DNS assistance and advice on IP address issues

  • Testing and sign-off, injunction with you or your developers

  • Systems close-down and wash up of any legacy data left on your old server

  • Assistance with account closure at your previous provider to ensure any stealth costs are avoided

Adopting your site as one of our own

If your website has become 'orphaned' and is no longer maintained by your previous developer or designer, we will take this on for you. That way, your investments in those digital assets won't be wasted.

You can use your website and digital assets for longer, or until you choose to redevelop them down the line, when you are ready to. 

We provide these services from our own staff team in most cases. But if the requirement is large or complex we will introduce you to a partner company that can assist with that level of need. Having been involved in this industry since 1997, we have built up an informal network of trusted developers, so we will be sure to know of one that will be perfect for your business. 

Typically we charge maintenance and support services through a simple monthly fee. We can do that in € Euro, $ USD and £ GBP, regardless of where the server is or where you are located.

Can we answer your questions about moving to Tibus?

No question is too big or too small

Maintaining your website and applications 

We can offer a full maintenance and support service for the websites and applications you move over to Tibus for hosting.

Websites are not just about the hosting or the servers. They obviously need the underlying codebase, CMS, databases and web applications supported and maintained too. We can help with this.

Tibus web maintenance and hosting services 
  • Your previous web agency, developer or hosting company has gone into administration or has 'disappeared' altogether and is uncontactable

  • Changes in your previous development agency mean that they are no longer willing to maintain your old website and applications 

  • Your in-house developer leaves and you choose not to replace her or him immediately but you do need to keep the website going safely

  • You lose confidence in your current host or current developers

  • The relationship has broken down or has gone into a dispute situation 

  • Changes in your requirements (e.g. insurance, IT Security, supply chain assurance etc.) means that you need to seek a new hosting provider like Tibus 

  • You need a higher-quality or more solid web and hosting solution 

Moving to Tibus - just some of the technologies that we will support

  • Windows Server
  • Windows IIS
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Alma, Rocky)
  • Varnish
  • Apache
  • AdsWizz 
  • PowerDNS
  • Ubuntu
  • Tomcat
  • GlusterFS
  • Kentico
  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • PHP Laravel
  • EpiServer
  • Silverstripe
  • Drupal
  • CodeIgniter
  • Expression Engine
  • SiteFinity
  • DNN
  • SiteCore
  • Magento
  • Native PHP
  • PHP Lavavel
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Ubuntu
  • Tomcat
  • CodeIgniter


  • Windows SQL
  • MS Failover Clustering 
  • My-SQL
  • Ceph
  • PostGres-SQL
  • Percona Database Clustering
  • GlusterFS
  • Plesk
  • C-Panel 
  • ISP Config
  • iRedMail
  • Mastodon 
  • iRedMail
  • MS Office 365
  • Clam-AV
  • Carbon Black 
  • New Relic
  • Cloudflare
  • HA-Proxy
  • Wowza Media Server
  • AdsWizz
  • Veeam 
  • CloudFront
  • App Dynamics
  • Matomo
  • Percona DB Clusering
  • GlusterFS
  • MS Failover Clustering 
  • VMWare
  • Hyper-V
  • OpenStack

New clients make the move to Tibus every day

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