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Supply to Tibus

Our business is based on quality, reliable, innovative suppliers

If you have a product or service that you think will be of interest to us or our clients please use this page to start that conversation 

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How to supply to Tibus

Initial Supplier Enquiry

1. Please use the form below to contact us about the service you wish to supply to us.  

  • Please do not contact any of our staff directly by email or by phone.
  • Please do not cold-call through our main telephone number.
  • Please do not open support requests in order to talk to us about your product or service.
  • Please do not send us supplier enquiries through our general email addresses. Please use only the form below. 

We will always respond to all legitimate supply enquiries that utilise our Supplier Enquiry Form.

2. If your product or service is of interest to us, we will engage with you to explore how the service or products works and how it is priced.

We do this informally at first, by email and video call. We may meet you at your business or invite you to come and meet ours in one of our offices in Belfast, Dublin or London.

3. When we reach outline agreement for us to buy your product or service, we will start the on-boarding process proper.  

Supplier On-boarding 

1. You must be on-boarded as a Tibus supplier, in oder for us to generate a Purchase Order. Every single new supplier to Tibus has to complete this process. 

3. To be on-boarded as a Tibus supplier, you need to complete a process through an in-house online procurement system called Risk Centre. This is managed for us by a specialist procurement team in NewsCorp.

3. The Risk Centre system governs all Tibus' procurement activities, from the smallest stationery order through to large Capex procurements and other service purchases. 

4. You will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions of Procurement document.

5. You will need to be ready to make various legal commitments around Data Protection, Confidentiality and Supplier codes of conduct, including the Tibus Supplier Code of Conduct. 

After successful on-boarding 

When you become a Tibus supplier, we will treat you with professional respect and general decency at all times.

We will protect the confidentiality between our businesses. 

Our business is based on working with the very best suppliers; and building the very best long-term relationships we can with those suppliers. 

Tibus Supplier Code of Conduct 

This Code sets out the standards of behavior that we expect of suppliers conducting business with or on behalf of The Internet Business Ltd, trading as Tibus.

We expect suppliers to read, understand and comply with the standards set forth in this Code.

1. Ethics and Compliance

Tibus expects our suppliers to:

1.1. operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws;

1.2. act ethically and with integrity;

1.3. maintain accurate and complete financial records;

1.4. provide a mechanism for workers to report actual or suspected misconduct without retaliation; and

1.5. protect confidential information, intellectual property rights, and customer information.

2. Human and Labour Rights

Tibus expects our suppliers to:

2.1. operate in full compliance with all applicable laws, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws

2.2. ensure that all of their labour is not illegal, involuntary, bonded or exploited and avoid supporting or engaging in human trafficking or any form of modern slavery including fraudulent recruitment or coercive treatment of workers;

2.3. ensure employees are compensated fairly and equally, without discrimination and ensure at least local legislation requirements are met.

2.4. follow applicable local laws and regulations governing the rights of workers to freely associate, including forming and joining worker organisations; and

2.5. foster a work environment (a) that is free of unlawful harassment, intimidation, and discrimination, and (b) where workers have equal opportunities regardless of their race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other characteristic protected by law.

2.6. develop and maintain a policy to support mental wellbeing in the workplace, where it is within their means to do so.

3. Health and Safety

Tibus expects our suppliers to:

3.1. provide a secure, safe and healthy working environment;

3.2. comply with all local regulations and standards related to work, health and safety;

3.3. have systems and practices in place to report and respond to health and safety concerns and incidents, including emergencies and business continuity events;

3.4. provide employees with resources and training to conduct their work in a safe manner, in their primary language; and

3.5. continually review and, where necessary or appropriate, improve their health and safety performance.

3.6. ensure compliance to required child safeguarding standards, as defined by Tibus and any other safeguarding policies that may be in place

4. Sustainability

Tibus expects our suppliers to:

4.1. comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, including but not limited to, obtaining and maintaining all required environmental permits and registrations and related reporting requirements;

4.2. commit to product and packaging labeling, including material content, recycling and disposal, where applicable.

4.3. disclose scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions via CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) if requested.

Tibus additionally encourages its suppliers, particularly those with a high carbon footprint, to:

4.4. set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across both the supplier’s operations and value chain, and be encouraged to use the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) Net Zero standard;

4.5. review and implement where appropriate the use of renewable energy, and ultimately target 100% renewable energy use;

4.6. implement a systematic waste management program for their operations, products and packaging, and eliminate single-use plastics where appropriate; and

4.7. engage their own suppliers to commit to sustainable actions to reduce their environmental impact.

5. Contact Information

Adherence to the expectations set forth in this Code will be considered in making sourcing decisions. In the event that Tibus determines that a supplier has not met or no longer meets one or more of the expectations set forth in this Code, Tibus reserves the right to take appropriate action to the extent possible under local law and any applicable contract.

In the event that a supplier does not meet or anticipates to not meet one or more of the expectations set out above, the supplier must promptly notify Tibus by email.

6. Whistleblowing

Through our parent company Newscorp, Tibus maintains a Whistleblowing Policy, which is extended to Tibus' suppliers and their workers to raise any issues or concerns about matters relating to a supplier’s potential ethical and/or compliance standards without fear of reprisal

The News Corp Alertline is accessible through this secure website (

There is also an option to call a dedicated, domestic/international free-phone telephone number, which can also be found by visiting

Suppliers must not retaliate against any of their workers who, acting in good faith, report concerns.

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