L2 Ethernet & VPLS

A range of Layer 2 Ethernet and VPLS solutions for customers across the UK & Ireland.


Service description

Tibus offers Layer 2 Ethernet Services and Virtual Private Servers / VPLS to clients throughout the UK & Ireland. We have worked hard to become a ’boutique’ alternative to the traditional ‘telcos’ that are often inflexible in their network product offerings.

We tailor services to our clients and their specific needs, ensuring that clients using our network get a consistently superb quality-of-service. Our approach is unusually transparent and open – giving our clients a level of confidence they value on their core traffic requirements.

Our services are based on Layer 2 Ethernet and VPLS offerings, combined with local ‘tail’ circuits’ and a management layer. We are ‘telco agnostic’ using the best carrier for the client scenario depending on their location and availability of fibre providers.

We offer speeds from 2Mb through to 1Gb. Our pricing is designed to be competitive.

Key features & benefits

  • A ‘boutique’ style service, tailored exactly to the needs of your requirement
  • Industry leading Quality-of-Service on all metrics
  • Full migration and transfer service - transparent, fully documented and completed on-site
  • 24x7 Technical advice and support: unlimited access to Senior IP Engineer through a Direct Dial number
  • Highly cost-effective, pricing designed to be competitive
  • Comprehensive, relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA)


All services are charged on monthly subscription basis and are subject to a 12-month minimum term. Payment is in advance. All prices exclude VAT.


Tibus provides unlimited proactive technical support as a part of this service.

Why choose Tibus for L2 Ethernet services?

  1. Flexible. We offer fully tailored services and we will have one for you and your business need. We're completely carrier-agnostic and independent.

  2. Quality service. Our service offers a truly exceptional quality of service, due to the way that our network is connected to the world.

  3. Experience. We've been providing connectivity services and managed networks to businesses for 22 years.

  4. Full installation. We wont simply leave a router at your door and scarper. We'll make sure the whole service is commissioned and handed over to you properly.

  5. Tibus staff, not contractors. Our service was designed by, is managed by and is installed by Tibus staff. We have complete control over the people that will install the service at your site.

  6. Local. We know the city of Belfast and we know the business community. We know our customers...and you know where you can find us if you need us.

  7. Cost-effective. We never sell on price, we consider ourselves a quality provider but our services are competitively priced.