Hybrid Cloud

Enjoy the flexibility of the cloud, without inviting general Internet traffic on to your own network

What is it?

Hybrid clouds combine a Private Cloud hosted and managed by the client on their premises with a Private Cloud hosted by Tibus. These clouds are normally joined and integrated using the VMware, Xen or Openstack toolsets to create a Hybrid Cloud.

Why are Hybrid Clouds so popular?

Hybrid Clouds are one of the biggest growth areas in the hosting sector. The flexibility of cloud computing can be harnessed by enterprises and smaller businesses with all the security that comes from making sure web-facing applications are kept away from the client's core network. They also allow compute capability (usually for overflow or development workloads) to be available to the enterprise, without investment in hardware for short term requirements.

How are they built?

Tibus builds a Private Cloud for the client, hosting that Cloud at one of its data centre locations. This Private Cloud hosts the Internet facing elements for a client (websites, apps, online forms etc) but little core business IT. This separation ensures that the client's core Cloud operations are kept separate and protected from the general Internet, but that all the flexibility of Cloud computing can be enjoyed by the client.

How to buy a Hybrid Cloud solution

The starting point is to choose a Private Cloud that suits your needs. The integration elements are often much simpler than one might think, as there are established tool-sets available to make the two networks operate as one.