Managed Application Support

We will support customer applications on a 24x7 basis. Where customers want an integrated hosting and support solution for their website or software application.


An application management support service to complement the hosting services we provide.

This is ideal for clients that don't employ a team of developers that can support a website on an ongoing basis. It is also useful where a client wants to have their development agency focused only on new projects, rather than supporting existing website applications that are already live.

Why choose Tibus for Managed Application Support?

Tibus was originally formed by a website design & development agency, and to this day we continue to take a keen interest in the development scene. We understand the inter-relationship between website / application, and the platform it is hosted on. We're proud of our reputation for getting more involved in application support than traditional hosting companies.

Our approach to Managed Application Support.

Like most clients today, we know that the only measurement that matters is the User Experience. Our approach to Managed Application Support is to take a holistic approach to providing a Managed Application service to our clients. We base this on the metrics that actually matter to each individual client's business (time-on-site, MPUs served / click-through rate / £/€ sales / referrals / other) and it is all backed up by detailed SLAs and KPIs. A fully managed application service that allows our clients to take complete confidence in the health and performance of their website or software application, 24 hours a day.

Application agnostic.

We are completely agnostic about the core website or software technology that the website runs.

Fully bespoke solutions.

Every website is different, and we treat them as such. But certain elements of a Managed Application service are common. Our solutions start from the very modest (24x7 monitoring & reporting) to the more complex (including code authoring and debugging).

A la carte options for Fully Managed Application Support

Service desk for End Users: 24x7, 09.00 to 18.00 or customised hours Application deployment / release management Hot fixes, vendor fixes and security patches& updates
incident and problem management UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Application performance and optimisation
On-boarding Migration from existing providers DBA
Maintenance and application 'housekeeping' tasks Stress / load testing 24x7 availability & performance monitoring and alerting
Service reporting (KPIs against SLAs) Security review and hardening Off boarding
Risk Assessments Change and configuration management Integration
Tiered environments: development – staging – production Managed Application and / or Database service User and admin permission management
Cloud to Dedicated Hardware migration On-Premises to Cloud migration  

Does your website application require more support?

We can help you with a tailored, Fully Managed Application solution

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