Tibus Ultrafast Internet

Internet Access services for businesses in Belfast. 50Mb to 1Gb circuits, delivered using Tibus' wholly owned network.


What is Tibus Ultrafast?

Tibus Ultrafast is an Internet Connectivity service that provides business broadband in the Greater Belfast area, using Tibus wholly owned network. Coverage is growing every week.

Tibus built and operates its own private fibre optic broadband network around Greater Belfast.

Products available

  • 30 Mbp/s
  • 50 Mbp/s
  • 100 Mbp/s
  • 1 Gbp/s
  • 10 Gbp/s

All superfast broadband products are available on a managed or partially managed basis.

Key features & benefits

  • Un-contended service means consistently fast Internet access, even during the busier times of day where broadband services can slow down
  • Service tailored exactly to the needs of your requirement
  • Industry leading Quality-of-Service on all metrics
  • Full migration and transfer service - transparent, fully documented and completed on-site
  • 24x7 Technical advice and support: unlimited access to Senior IP Engineer through a Direct Dial number
  • Highly cost-effective, due to our ability to independently select the best telecoms carrier for your business
  • Static IP address blocks are included in our prices
  • Comprehensive, relevant Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Routers with failover capability (to ADSL, ISDN, Wireless)


All fibre optic broadband services are charged on a monthly subscription basis and are subject to a 12-month minimum term. Payment is in advance.


Tibus provides unlimited proactive technical support as a part of this service.

Tibus Ultrafast coverage areas

  • Weavers Court Business Park
  • City Hall area / Linenhall Street / Howard Street
  • Ormeau Avenue and Donegall Pass
  • Lower Ormeau Road
  • Cathedral Quarter
  • Ortus Business Park
  • North City Business Park

Why choose Tibus for Ultrafast internet services?

  1. Flexible. We offer fully tailored services and we will have one for you and your business need. No selling from a price list and no feeling of 'any colour, as long as its black'.

  2. Quality service. Our service offers a truly exceptional quality of service, due to the way that our network is connected to the world.

  3. Experience. We've been providing connectivity services to businesses for 22 years.

  4. Full installation. We won't simply leave a router at your door and scarper. We'll make sure the whole service is commissioned and handed over to you properly.

  5. Tibus staff, not contractors. Our service was designed by, is managed by and is installed by Tibus staff. We have complete control over the people that will install the service at your site.

  6. Local. We know the city of Belfast and we know the business community. We know our customers...and you know where you can find us if you need us.

  7. Cost-effective. We never sell on price, we consider ourselves a quality provider but the Tibus Ultrafast service is competitively priced.

  8. It's available today. Installation wait times are less than 1 working day.

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