Reliable Internet Solutions for Businesses in Northern Ireland

Reliable Internet Solutions for Businesses in Northern Ireland

In Ireland, we offer Internet connection speeds from 50 Mb through to 1 Gb.

All our services are un-contended and based on Tibus True Fibre, designed specifically for businesses that rely on their Internet connection.

We don't use ADSL for our technology, we use only fibre-optic networks, right through to the equipment on your premises.

This makes our internet connections for business incredibly fast and reliable, even at the busiest times of the working day. Exactly what our business clients need for this new digital world.  

Tibus True Fibre Internet Connectivity 

Dedicated, un-contended Internet Access based on fibre optics.

Exceptional performance, at a price point to suit any budget.

Based on Eir Wholesale, BT Ireland Wholesale, Vodafone,
Virgin Wholesale, and the major fibre wholesale networks in Ireland.

From €120 per month

A full range of Internet speeds available


Need some help to choose? No problem.

Free, impartial technical design and price estimates

Tibus True-Fibre Internet Connections features and benefits

  • Business only: exceptional 'real world' Internet performance
    • Our network is deliberately managed to ensure business customers get the service they need, when they it

    • We don't offer home user connections and we don't have problems associated with also serving millions of gamers and streaming TV

    • Our upload speeds are world leading - we know that uploading files, code, images and sending email is as important for business as downloading  

  • Global Internet Connectivity and peering
        • Unlimited data transfer

        • Noticeably fast performance for our business connectivity customers 

        • Connectivity to the world's largest Internet providers

        • Peering to the national Internet Exhanges (IXPs) in Ireland and UK: LINX, LoNAP and INEX

        • Tailored routing preferences

        • Customised firewall rules

  • Premium quality network equipment
      • Cisco network infrastructure throughout

      • Business grade network equipment at our client sites 

  • Robust IT Security
    • DDoS network protection shield using Cloudflare, fully managed by Tibus 

    • Full ISO-27001 certification on IT Governance and IT Security

  • 24x7 Technical Support
    • Unlimited support by phone, live chat, video call, in person, via ticket systems and via email

    • 24x7 Support - not outsourced - all delivered by staff Tibus engineers

    • Detailed service monitoring included, with alerts to your chosen system or team available

    • Service reviews and detailed KPI management for ongoing quality-of-service guarantees

  • Assurance and 3rd party audit
    • Unlimited 3rd party audits included (e.g. InfoSec, 3rd Party Supply-Chain and internal business Risk Assessors)

    • Physical visits for network inspection accommodated

    • Full ISO-27001 certification on IT Governance and IT Security

    • FSQS-certified

  • 99.999% Service Level Guarantees
    • Service reviews and detailed KPI management for ongoing quality-of-service guarantees

    • Transparent, fair Service Level Guarantees, with rebate provisions 

    • 99.999% Service Level Availability guaranteed

  • Service Monitoring and Management
    • Tour Connection service will be monitored and managed proactively

    • 99.999% Service Level Availability guaranteed

    • Uptime robot NAGIOS 

    • LibreNMS and Smoke Ping – Monitoring of all network equipment

    • NetFlow Analyser – Monitoring of all network traffic to and from your connection endpoint 

    • Graylog – Logging of network traffic, customised per client need

  • Technical specification is bespoke and free
    • Bespoke, customised, tailored network builds for each client. Every client is different and we will make sure that your individual situation is served perfectly.

    • Bespoke, tailored technical designs for your specific business needs and application usage

    • Liaison with 3rd party IT Support provider and system integrators is included. We'll join meetings with your IT team or your 3rd party providers without charge.

    • All without fuss and without commitment 

Specifying, ordering and paying for your Tibus True-Fibre Internet Connection

  • Our engineers will help you size the connection service for your business needs

  • Technical specification is free, with no commitment 

  • Most clients choose 12 month terms

  • 3 month, 6 month, 36 month and 60 month terms available

  • We use DocuSign for contract agreements, all done via email  

  • We aim to have your service booked for provisioning within the same business day you order it

  • Billing period starts from the RFS (ready for service date) you agree with us 

  • You can choose GBP, EUR or USD, regardless of where your main business is and where your Internet connection is 

  • Most credit cards

  • Apple Pay, Paypal and Google Pay

  • Post-pay invoice by BACS and IBAN

  • Pre-payment options 

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