Veeam Cloud Connect back-up as a service

A simple and secure solution for offsite back-up, based on Veeam. Elegant and highly cost-effective: designed for IT Support providers, Managed Service operators and Enterprise IT Departments.


How it works

How it works

The service is built using Veeam on its Veeam Cloud Connect. You configure your Veeam back-up to point toward your secure location at the Tibus data centre. We automatically create a target repository within our back-up platforms.

It uses SSL/TLS and can be combined with WAN optimisation and acceleration tools in order to further speed up the back-up process.

Following successful deployment of the solution, customers can confidently meet offsite data storage requirements. The service establishment process takes a matter of minutes and once initially configured, requires almost no further management.  

You can then see the status of your data back-ups from within your Veeam control panel. A single pane of glass view for your native Veeam back-ups and your Veeam back-ups located with Tibus.  

All data is encrypted in transit and can be encrypted in storage too. 

We offer a free initial data upload service too - simply bring your data in a hard drive or send it to us for our engineers to upload for you.  

What do you need to use the service?

What you need to use it

You will require a valid Veeam Back-Up and Recovery (B&R) licence. No other agent or software is required.

An internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 2Mbp/s. The fast the internet connection, the faster the back-up will complete.

Speed it up! WAN optimisation and acceleration is available at no extra cost.  

Configuration is straightforward and we will help you set your Veeam system up to work with the Tibus service. This set-up advice is included in our charges. 

What benefits does the back-up as a service offer?

Benefits for Managed Service Provider and IT Support providers:

  • Offer a value added back-up service to your customer with only a minimum of configuration work.
  • Enjoy additional revenue streams and monthly service charges
  • Deliver requirements for true offsite back-up
  • Easily create Grandfather, Father and Son (GSM) back-up hierarchies 
  • Our service can be physically audited by your client's advisors
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Choice of UK or Ireland (EU) locations
  • Easy and transparent review of data for peace of mind
  • Control back-ups through single pane of glass for all Veeam systems 

Benefits for Enterprise IT Departments: 

  • Easy to establish
  • Almost instant service establishment
  • Cost-effective and no capital costs require
  • Easily create Grandfather, Father and Son (GSM) back-up hierarchies 
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Choice of UK or Ireland (EU) locations
  • Control back-ups through single pane of glass for all Veeam systems 


Billing and payment

Billing is in arrears and is based on service usage. We offer a simple and transparent contract and Service Level Agreement (SLA).  

Payment is normally collected by Direct Debit. International currencies and BACS payment options are available.


Technical support is unlimited and available in the way that you prefer.


Our service pricing consists of two elements: 

1. The number of virtual machines (VMs) you wish to back-up

2. The overall amount of data that you back up to the service

Service element Price per month  
Virtual Machines (VMs) £6 each  
GB data backed-up £0.10  

 For illustrative purposes, a customer with 6 VMs and 1TB of backed-up data would pay (6 x £6) + (1000 x £0.10) = £136 per month.

Payment is taken in arrears. 

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