Dedicated 'bare metal' Hosting

Rent or purchase hardware that is dedicated to your application. Combine with an a la carte range of management options.


What is 'bare metal' hosting?

Dedicated bare metal servers are on their own physical hardware, built for and dedicated to one single client. That server hardware can be purchased by the client, or more commonly leased from Tibus to avoid a large capital expenditure. The form factor for bare metal servers is normally blade cards, but rack-mountable servers are also common.

That client can have as much control over their server as they wish, or avail of a range of a la carte management options from Tibus.

The primary benefit to 'bare metal' hosting is physical security and the assurance from knowing only your data and applications are hosted on the physical server. That server will not be shared with any other client in any way.

High quality dedicated server hosting

1. Best hardware. Tibus offers only Dell servers, under full warranty. We do not use cheap, unbranded or 'DIY' server hardware for our dedicated bare metal services: we use Gold-level supported Dell SANs and servers hardware. This offers our clients peace of mind in terms of their hardware.

2. Best data centres. Tibus We choose the best data centre in every market we operate in, despite the additional costs involved. We will never put our equipment in cheap hosting locations, as data centre quality is simply too important to hosting operations. We use only providers that are market leaders, providers that we know and trust.

You can choose where your server is hosted: Belfast, Dublin or London.

Configuration and prices

These are sample configurations, based on common requirements. Bare metal servers can be specified for almost any requirement, so please get in touch with us to get an estimate for your specific requirement.

The prices are based on a leasing model, which is the most common approach to bare metal hosting. The hardware leasing costs are included in the prices listed below.

  Recommended configuration Common alternate configurations Recommended configuration Common alternate configurations
Server form Dell M630 Dell R620 Dell M630 Dell R620
RAM 16GB 32GB 16GB 32GB
Processor 2.93 GHz Quad Core 2.93 GHz Dual Core 2.93GHz Quad Core 2.93GHz Dual Core
Storage 2 x 1TB (in RAID 1) 4 x 1TB (in RAID 5) 2 x 1TB (in RAID 1) 4 x 1TB (in RAID 5)
Operating System Linux Ubuntu Debian, CentOS, RedHat, JBoss Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008
Web Server Apache NGinx IIS IIS, Tomcat
Database MySQL 5 MariaDB, Percona MS-SQL 2014 MS-SQL 2008, MS-SQL 2005
Languages PHP 5 Python, JBOSS
ASP .Net PHP 5
1Gbp/s un-metered port 1Gbp/s un-metered port 1Gbp/s un-metered port 1Gbp/s un-metered port
Daily back-ups

Anti-Virus software

FTP access

SSL Support

Technical Support: Unlimited phone and email

Set-up costs £90 / €120 £90 / €120 £120 / €150 £90 / €120
Monthly costs £60 / €65 £95 / €125 £90 / €120 £120 / £150


You can choose where your server is hosted: Belfast, Dublin or London.

Optional extras

Additional Storage: 10GB packs, per month £10 / €13
Increased bandwidth: up to 10Gbp/s port, per month £100/ €130
More Processors: Each CPU, per month £10 / €13
Extra RAM: 1GB stick, per month £5 / €7
Database software: MS-SQL 2014 or 2008, per month £9 / €12


Management and support options

Tibus provides a range of management and support services for all its Dedicated bare metal Server clients. These are included in the service charges.

Tibus also offers a range of additional management and support options for clients that wish to have a more comprehensive managed service for their Dedicated Server.

Included in all Dedicated Bare Metal Hosting services Additional options (per month)
Rack space, switching and cabling Security patching, O/S updates and version control: £75 / €90
IP Transit and tailored peering and routing Tailored web security management: £50 / €75
Dual feed UPS power Proactive 24x7 monitoring & response: £90 recommended
24x7 Monitoring (hardware and application level) Customised Veeam based back-ups (offsite): £75 / €90
Anti-virus protection  
Developer and other 3rd party liaison  
Daily back-ups  
Firewall provision  
Review meetings  

Where are Dedicated 'bare metal' servers used by clients?

Dedicated bare metal servers are a very flexible product and they continue to be the mainstay of business-critical hosting.

They are particularly useful where a client needs to demonstrate (to internal audit or a 3rd party) that their data is physically separated from other clients. They are also commonly used where web security is of critical importance to an organisation.

  • Large scale enterprise websites
  • Business critical websites
  • Clients that need physical IT security assurance
  • Websites where clear external system auditing is required
  • Finance / banking sectors
  • Broadcast media
  • Online publishing
  • SaaS and e-business
  • E-commerce sites
  • Public sector websites

Engagement process

Every client situation is slightly different but the below illustrates a typical engagement process.

  1. Client contacts Tibus normally via email and describes the online initiative they want to deliver
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) exchanged if required
  3. Discuss current hosting arrangements with existing provider
  4. Examine intended audiences, expected visitors and usage
  5. Build up understanding of the application (even if at development stage)
  6. Choose location(s) for the Dedicated Server
  7. Order physical servers
  8. Build platforms, release development and staging servers for client
  9. Complete the migration plan and / or application build
  10. Networking elements added
  11. System testing, load testing and penetration testing
  12. Service on-boarding and commissioning

Lead times: 4 weeks

Transferring your server from another provider

Transferring your Dedicated Hosting requirements to Tibus is simple and straightforward.

You won’t encounter any downtime and if you prefer, Tibus will make all necessary technical changes on your behalf. We will pro-actively project-manage the process - offering you peace-of-mind and allowing you to get on with running your core business. This transfer service is included within the set-up charge.


There are typically two elements to Dedicated Server charges. Set-up and other once-off installation costs are due after service commissioning. Thereafter service charges are billed monthly in advance and normally collected by Direct Debit. International currencies and BACS payment options are available.


Technical support is unlimited and available in the way that you prefer.

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