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Helping the people of Ireland cook safely and well for those around them

Fully Managed Virtual Hosting for one of Ireland most important health organisations


Helping the people of Ireland cook safely and well for those around them

The background

safefood is one of Ireland's most important food organisations. It is charged with promoting the importance of food safety and nutrition to everyone in Ireland. It has both professional audiences and consumer audiences. 

Since 1999 safefood has been continually developing and implementing its broader communication strategy. It uses digital channels (website, app, mobile web, social media and email) extensively. Its research and recommendations are made available via its highly engaging website.

The organisation uses broadcast, outdoor, print and direct marketing to reach its consumer audiences. It also engages with groups across the island on a face-to-face basis.

The success of these campaigns is often immediate, particularly where a campaign catches the public imagination and is shared virally. The flash crowds the campaigns generate must be served smoothly and securely at the safefood website. This is hosted by Tibus.

Not only must the safefood website serve all its audiences effectively, it must be secure at all times - safefood is a public body with an important reputation for trust in the eyes of the public. The organisation also operates across the island of Ireland, with considerations around data governance.   

What we did

We developed a Virtual Managed Hosting solution for our client. Their team is a busy one and is focused on audience development and sector education, both professional research and consumer information.

Our Managed Hosting service wrap takes the burden of managing the web technology off the safefood team, freeing them up to instead work on what matters to safefood, its stakeholders and of course the Irish public.

We provide assurance and proactive steering, as well as securing the website and associated applications and databases. Our support is provided 24x7. We work closely and directly with the safefood web design and development providers to provide a seamless managed service for our client.

The result of our work together

safefood confidently drives its communication with its audiences in Ireland. It pushes engagement and it seeks ever greater audience numbers from year to year. Its campaigns and outreach are served via its website without stress on the client side.

And the net result of this work is the result that matters to all of us. The people of Ireland can prepare nutritious, safe food for the people they love.

“We're delighted with our digital audience development and we want to even more online. We don't want to spend time on the underlying web technology though, so Tibus have been an excellent partner for us at safefood.”

Aiofe O'Reilly, Communications Manager, safefood