Listen Again Radio & Podcast Hosting

Simple and cost-effective services to allow your audiences to enjoy your content in the format of a catch-up show or a podcast.


Service Description

We offer a CDN service for audio content, podcasts and listen again services. Based on our real-world experience as an online broadcaster, our services can be tailored specifically to your workflow, whether you be a large national radio player or a niche content creator. In all cases we understand the need to be adaptable and flexible.

We offer a podcast hosting service and content delivery to any device including:

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod classic and iPod touch
  • Android-based mobiles
  • Windows PCs
  • Apple Mac laptops and desktops
  • Internet radio
  • MP3 players
  • Nokia (old generation handsets)
  • Nokia Lumio (including Windows Mobile)

Our audio edge server platform is based on:

  • ICY2 Icecast
  • Edcast
  • Varnish.

The protocols we support are

  • RTSP / RTP
  • HLS and HDS

The file types we can work with are:

  • .flv Flash
  • .mp3
  • .mp4
  • .f4v
  • .mov
  • .mp4a
  • .3gp / .3g2
  • H.264 / AAC

Engaging with Tibus for Listen Again / Podcast services: order of play (between 2 and 5 working days)

  1. Client contacts Tibus normally via email and describes the event or channel they are establishing
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) exchanged if required
  3. Design technical platform to service the audience expected
  4. Agree budgets (normally set-up charge + usage based element on audience numbers)
  5. Test feeds established
  6. Service handover and commissioning

Why Tibus? Why do our clients choose us over a global CDN?

  1. Experience. We are part of a large media company. We can call on specialist broadcast expertise where we need it but most of all, we know Internet transmission - we have been doing that since 1999.
  2. Flexible. Most CDNs will accept ingest feeds in only certain formats. All CDNs have certain limitations in terms of the streams that they will serve. In Tibus we allow any format, to any device - true flexibility
  3. Available. We are a local company, so there are no timezone frustrations in play. Tibus' senior engineers are available when you are working in BST.
  4. Responsive. We don't work with the massive Global Media brands because we are simply not of that size. This means that all our customers are important to us. Those customers get an exceptional level of service, despite them not being the one of the 'household names' in world media.
  5. Cost-effective. Our overheads are relatively low, so our price points tend to be very attractive for our customers.

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