Ad Replacement

Monetise live radio content by replacing the playout ads in real time, where audiences cannot be monetised effectively from the primary broadcast channel.


How Ad Replacement using Adswizz works

Replacement ads are inserted into the live audio stream as that stream is played out from the Tibus Streaming Server platform. Ads trafficked by the studio can continue to be done as normal, but those ads will be seamlessly replaced by the Adswizz system for digital playout.

The audience member will enjoy an ad depending on the metrics that the radio station chooses. This might be as simple as having Copy A for all audience members in country A, and copy B for everyone listening from Country B. But it could equally be a different ad copy for every individual audience member.

Where is it used?

Ad replacement works best where a primary audience has been sold and secondary online listenership is not monetised efficiently.

Ad replacement can also works well where a media owner wishes to offer ads that reflect regional or national cultural differences. For example, lager ads to an audience in SE England, a stout ad to an audience in Ireland and a mineral water ad to North African audiences.

What does the radio station require in order to practice Ad Replacement?

The playout system utilised must be capable of inserting a 'silent tone' into the transmission. This might be as simple as a manual process from DJ or done programmatically. The radio station needs a good quality Internet connection to push the feed to the Tibus platform.

Why choose Tibus to help you with your Ad Replacement project?

We have been actively helping our colleagues in talkSPORT use Ad Replacement for 8 years. We know how the system works in practice, it's limitations and potential. Our experience is second-to-none.

Interested in the potential of Ad Replacement for your radio station?

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