Tibus Hosting Partner: BUILD +

Tibus Hosting Partner: BUILD +

Our Tibus BUILD + program is for our partners that build their own hosting capability and own the client relationship...without employing DevOps and Cloud engineers or investing in their own hardware. 

We create a platform for you, our Agency partner. You then add your clients as you create the applications, websites and other digital assets. Each end-client has their own instance, grouped as Agency clients of yours.

Tibus assists at every step of the way. We can load your new clients up technically. We can design the solution or private cloud itself for you. We can even provide support for your Agency's end clients as needed. We'll join your calls and meetings with clients as required, always as part of your team.

Your Agency will have a portal allowing you to control all your client assets. This is linked to a billing system that allows you to see clearly what charges your client has incurred.

It is up to you as to when, and how much you charge your client. We can prepare billing files and send those to your admin team for billing. Or we can link those to your studio system or time management system for invoicing through your jobs.  

There is no set-up charge and there is no minimum volume / minimum spend requirements - we know that isn't how Agency sales life works. 

We do not need long-term commitments but we do insist on quite strict NDAs. The work we will do together is valuable to everyone involved.  

Many of our partners have been with us for many years, some through different different Agency employers.

New Agencies join us all the time, from small independents to large design studios and development shops.  

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Tibus and your Agency

Why choose us?

  • We are friendly and approachable. And we are knowledgable. Hosting, security, content delivery and system performance is what we do all day, every single day.

  • Our team is mature. We are professional and calm, even when things are difficult or when small issues suddenly become P1 issues for our mutual client.

  • We work together. We work discreetly with our Agency and development partners. No 'chucking it over the wall', no hiding behind overly-simple metrics or monitoring results.

  • Our teams analyse. We help our Agency partners understand where things can be made better. Where performance bottlenecks have occurred. Where easy wins can be scored. 

  • We manage change. We dont prevent change because change is always required, and sometimes it's urgent. And when change creates adverse impact, we act together.

  • Quality stuff. All our partner platforms are built on the very best of Dell premium grade VxRail hardware. We deploy on VMWare and accommodate all major Operating Systems.

  • We are CMS-agnostic. We dont preach or push either our clients or our Agency partners down a technical channel that wont work. We make your choices work.

  • Sizing hosting requirements is done collaboratively. We are not greedy, we will never over-specfiy. We take the long view because our Agency partners are so important to us.

  • We will always make sure your application or site works. Not in theory. Not in only-lab -conditions. For real in production. We know what is needed to make it work.   

  • No hiding behind voicemail. No endless email loops. No OOO replies when the client is getting frantic. We are available. We when music needs to be faced, we face that music together. 

  • Honesty and integrity matters to us in Tibus. We make mistakes, we get things wrong. But we admit our errors and we make those better. No false blame: never, ever. 

  • We deeply understand IT Security. We have ISO 27001 and we regularly complete the technical elements in FSQS, for our Agency partners. No learning on the job.

  • We work closely. The best outcomes happen when senior people in a dev agency work with the senior people in Tibus. Direct, first-name 1-1 conversations to make things and to fix things.  

  • 24x7 Support for your Agency teams. This is not outsourced - it is all delivered by our own Tibus engineers on staff. We are quick to respond.

  • Detailed service monitoring is included. Of all the applications you've made for your client. And if desired, we'll send the alerts directly to your chosen system or team.

  • We'll bid with you. Our guys will actually write technical and operation responses for your bids and your tenders. If you aren't successful, we wont be successful - so we do this for you. 

  • We will join your client meetings. As your associate, as Tibus engineers or as de facto members of your team. Always, professional and knowledgeable and mature. 

  • Teams don't form, they are made. And that includes the team of Tibus and your Agency. We'll work together formally - and informally too over lunch or drinks. 

  • Reasonable revenue streams. You can build these up from their work with Tibus. Generally relatively small in comparison to your core business, but always quite welcome. 

  • We work with everyone. From large DevOps houses to design freelancers. Creative agencies and niche technical application developers shops. Our partners are varied. 

  • We offer the same or similar tools as AWS, Azure and GCS. Whatever your preferred workflow and CICD release process, we can accommodate that to your specification.