We work extensively with web developers, creative agencies, designers and app authors.

Our work with partners

For Tibus, partnering is all about making sure we help our partner win and retain the engagement with their client. We allow our creative and development partners to focus on what they do best.

We know digital implementation and hosting is rarely front of mind in most commissioning conversations, yet those questions can often become blockers. We provide the technical solutions that allow our partners to secure their engagement, and then have it implemented.

We are the partner that allows creative and development agencies to deal with the technical risks and specifics - so they can get their ideas into reality.


We were originally established as the hosting team within a hugely successful web development agency. We still take a keen interest in the development scene and will continue to do so. High quality digital service delivery requires genuine joined up thinking from infrastructure and code folks - and that's what we try to do.

Our ethos is all about understanding how your application works and pro-actively helping to make that as performant as it can be, using the lessons and techniques we've garnered over the years. We believe that re-writing portions of an application is always the last throw of the dice. There are always techniques available at hosting level to make applications perform the way they were intended to.

We are approachable, technical and discreet.

We work with:

  • Web development agencies
  • Application authors and SaaS authors
  • Software houses (particularly those have been orientated toward boxed software in the past)

Designers and creative agencies

We know designers and have been working with creative teams since 1996. We understand that the implementation of concepts and ideas in the digital sphere can often be challenging.

We see our role as one of assisting creatives in the technical implementation process, particularly in the design and concept stages. We're very comfortable working on early-stage ideas and in fact we enjoy the challenging of figuring out how to make ideas practically work on the Internet. We are seen by our clients as a safe pair of hands for hosting and technical delivery that they can introduce to their client.

We are proud of our 'can do' attitude toward new, challenging, creative digital ideas.

We work with:

  • Advertising / creative agencies
  • Web marketing agencies
  • Social media advisors
  • Brand experience agencies
  • Digital design houses

Why partner with Tibus?

  • Professional: we won't let you down in front of your client
  • Flexible: we produce all our solutions on a bespoke basis
  • Experience: we've been working closely with partners for 22 years
  • Discreet: we never talk about work we do with our partners
  • Respectful: we never encroach on our partners business

Could your agency benefit from a technical partner?

Tibus can help.

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