Peering and Routing

We peer with a carefully selected range of providers and partners. This mix is designed to give our customers the most elegant routes across the global internet, in combination with ample capacity for traffic spikes.


Peering and routing really matters.

It has a direct bearing on the quality of experience for an end customer when using a website online. We work hard to make sure that Tibus is connected to the Internet in the most elegant manner, so that the experience for our hosting and streaming customers is as optimal as possible.

Upstream transit provision

IXP peering

We are proud and active members of:

These IXPs allow us to exchange traffic with all the major UK & Irish ISPs directly, improving user experience significantly through a control over QOS and an ultra low latency.

Autonomous Systems (A/S)

Our A/S numbers are:

  • A/S 16032
  • A/S 41678
  • A/S 2873

We operate two A/S and have an open peering policy. You can contact us or send an email via [email protected] to establish a session with us.