Data Centres

Data Centres provide the bedrock upon which Internet services are delivered. We have strict requirements around security, availability and power capability, so we choose only the very best Data Centre provider in each of the markets we operate in.

We don't operate Data Centres. Instead we use them in each of the markets we operate in. Presently we have 6 Data Centre locations around the world and we link these facilities using our own network and our own equipment. This gives us the ability to guarantee service quality for our customers.

  • Dublin Telecity
  • Dublin InterXion
  • London TeleHouse (North and West)
  • Belfast BT Telephone House
  • Perth Datacom
  • Brisbane Sanity Tech

We use these Data Centres as a basis for delivering our Managed Services into each of the markets we serve. The reason we have six is to make sure we can ‘reach into’ markets in terms of peering and connectivity. Everything we do is geared up to getting our customers’ users to their content, and our customers content down to their audience, as quickly and smoothly as possible. We choose our co-lo providers very carefully, based on their security accreditations, their financial stability and selection of carriers.