Autonomous Systems and Provider Independence

Tibus owns IPv4 and IPv6 space and operates a range of Autonomous Systems (A/S). We can offer a range of Provider Independence (PI) solutions for hosting or connectivity requirements.


Autonomous systems and provider independence

Whether this is for resilience and true failover using two separate ISPs, or whether your IP requirements are growing to the point where you need an LIR allocation / assignment, we’ll be glad to help. We’ve done this many times. We’re used to working as part of a group of ISPs for a single client and are very comfortable with that. It’s becoming very common across our client base and we’re more than happy to be a primary or secondary ISP in active/active or active/passive.

Our A/S numbers are:

  • A/S 16032
  • A/S 41678
  • A/S 2873