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The 7 Key Benefits of a Private Cloud

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The 7 Key Benefits of a Private Cloud

The 7 key benefits of a Private Cloud

1. Enhanced Security
A Private Cloud is the best way to secure your application and data.

You determine exactly who has access to your server platform, and from where.  Your IT Security teams or external auditors can easily verify the system integrity, making compliance and validation straightforward. Your data is only ever hosted within servers you control. You can audit this and maintain maximum levels of data compliance and system security.

2. Customisation and Control
We build your Private Cloud precisely to the needs of your business.

Database servers, web servers, load balancers and staging systems can all easily be accommodated for what you and your developers require. We advise on best practice, especially for the security wrap around your platform - that's all part of our managed service.

Tailoring a Private Cloud to your needs alone means that wasted resource can be minimised and that means excellent value-for-money.

3. Scalability and flexibility
Our Private Clouds are fully scalable up or down based on your business demand.

We can add additional servers and we can give extra processing power to your existing servers almost instantly. When they aren't needed, we simply scale them back.

Perfect for seasonal peaks or busy periods around launch days or marketing campaigns. 

4. Performance and Reliability
Your Private Cloud resources are dedicated to you and your business.

Your cloud resources are not shared with other clients. This is often crucial for our business clients that require high levels of uptime and fast performance - especially for SQL Server or 'heavy' applications like some website CMS. 

5. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
We can host your Private Cloud in the UK or in the EU / Ireland.

If you have regulatory requirements for data sovereignty or even if you just want to make absolutely sure your data resides in a particular country, we can guarantee that. We can build your Private Cloud across both jurisdictions too. 

We can demonstrate your data location to the regulator for your sector, and we can demonstrate that to your stakeholders or risk people too. That is all part of the service. 

6. Integration with your on-premises IT
Our Private Clouds can integrate with your internal clouds and with your Public Cloud systems.

Do you want to keep your website off your LAN but want to maintain your normal IT in-house Operations? We can create a Private Cloud that will allow you to do just that. 

7. Cost Management and cost control 
Public Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Services can be expensive.

Our Private Clouds normally offer a very significant saving vs Public Clouds for most IT needs and workloads. We bill on a flat monthly fee too, so you can have absolutely certainty about your bill at the end of the month.

If you are bing asked to find OpEx savings for your application or website hosting needs, a Private Cloud is often an excellent place to start.