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High traffic websites & web acceleration

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High traffic websites & web acceleration

28th August 2017

We specialise in managing high-traffic, high volume websites for customers in e-commerce, media, public sector and online publishing. We use a range of tools in conjunction with our core hosting services to improve the performance of busy websites.

Making high-traffic websites perform

We use a range of tools and techniques for clients that have particularly high traffic websites, especially when the nature of the traffic is 'bursty'. Flash crowds are difficult to serve, but they are exactly what most clients want: large numbers of additional visitors to their website following their marketing campaign, seasonal sale or breaking news item.

Tibus also has a range of tools and technical design options for websites that are continually busy and for websites that are growing rapidly.

Our objective in making high-traffic websites perform

Our objective is simple. To ensure that your website provides the standard of User Experience expected by today's demanding Internet user, without wasting your precious budget on technical capacity that is not required.

What kind of performance improvement might you expect?

It depends on the type of web acceleration techniques you can deploy. But you could realistically expect:

  • 21-times increase in maximum visitor peaks
  • 8-times decrease in SQL database queries
  • 5-times increase in site load time
  • 3-times decrease in CPU strain

In almost all cases, our clients also enjoy a persuasive return on their investment (ROI) through reduction of unnecessary costs and technical capacity.