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Bespoke connectivity and hosting for one of Europe's most exciting Service Providers

Data Centre services and tailored connectivity in London for OmniAccess to serve the needs of the maritime customer across the world


Bespoke connectivity and hosting for one of Europe's most exciting Service Providers

The background

OmniAccess is one of the most progressive and innovative solutions providers in Europe. Based in Palma de Mallorca, the company provides connectivity, data, voice and security for the demanding yacht and private maritime customer.

The company is truly global with infrastructure POPs across the globe. It operates on a full 24x7 basis, in order to serve and support its customers on the oceans, no matter which timezone they are travelling through. 

What we did

We provide OmniAccess with specific connectivity and co-location capability in London Telehouse. Due to the way in which modern telecoms and data networks inter-connect, providers like OmniAccess must use the very best networks in order got provide the total overage their clients demand of them.

Tibus was able to utilise its rich footprint in Telehouse and allow OmniAccess to reach its own customers through our POP there, smoothly and cost-effectively. Our solution connects Omniaccess with the providers they require for their own solution, without OmniAccess needing to build further infrastructure into the networks they utilise via London Telehouse.   

The result of our work together

OmniAccess continues to go from strength to strength. It now employs over 150 different specialists and continues to develop its portfolio of data and networks solutions for the premium maritime customer anywhere across the planet. The company can only do this by working with trusted partners, building them onto their overall solutions.

Tibus is delighted to enable Omniaccess's success in our own modest way. Our flexible approach to technical requirements are of value to the OmniAccess team in the modern inter-connect world. We are proud to call them a much valued long-term client.