Live Streaming Video & Television

Live TV and live streaming video services are based on simple, cost effective and easy to integrate technologies. We have deep experience in live TV and video feeds and can help you broadcast over the Internet, simply and cost-effectively.


Service Description

Tibus offers a full workflow: from the location the event is recorded at, to the device that the audience member will use to watch the show or event that you are producing. We do not offer video production or outside broadcast services, but we can recommend a number of companies that specialise in event recording and video production.

1. Ingest and upload

You can push your stream to us or we can collect that stream from you. Provided your feed is in IP format, we can get it out on to the Internet for you. We will need an appropriate satellite uplink, or broadband connection (though we can help you with those)

2. Stream Encoding

We will convert the stream into a format that is suitable for the Internet and the devices on the web (such as iPads, Kindle Fire, Smart TV) that audience members will use to watch your show.

3. Delivery and Content Delivery Network CDN

We operate our own CDN across the UK & Ireland, allowing us to deliver the live streaming video / TV feed to the audiences across the Internet. We can limit that to certain territories and / or certain times. We also allow user per-registration and payment gateways.

Devices we support

  • iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch
  • Android-based mobiles
  • Windows PCs
  • YouView
  • Saorview
  • Apple iMacs and Macbooks
  • Apple TV and Roku
  • Google Chromecast
  • Nokia (old generation handsets)
  • Nokia Lumio (including Windows Mobile)

Tibus Live Streaming Video Platform

  • Wowza Media Player
  • Adobe Servers
  • Varnish

Protocols we support

  • RTSP / RTP
  • HLS and HDS
  • Silverlight

Analytics and reporting

We offer stats and usage packages for all clients. We also offer raw log exports free of charge, where our clients wish to use their own analytic and stats packages.

Engaging with Tibus for Live TV streaming: order of play (between 2 and 12 working days)

  1. Client contacts Tibus normally via email and describes the event or channel they are establishing
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) exchanged if required
  3. Discuss Outside Broadcast or on-site video production arrangements
  4. Decide on optimal up-link / upload arrangements
  5. Map out expected audience numbers and profiles across the viewing day
  6. Agree on supported devices based on audience profiling
  7. Design technical platform to service the audience expected
  8. Agree budgets (normally set-up charge + usage based element on audience numbers)
  9. Test feeds established
  10. Service handover and commissioning

Why Tibus? Why do our clients choose us over a global CDN?

  1. Experience. We are owned by a TV company, so we know live broadcast. We can call on specialist broadcast expertise where we need it but most of all, we know Internet transmission - we have been doing that since 1999.
  2. Flexible. Most CDNs will accept ingest feeds in only certain formats. All CDNs have certain limitations in terms of the streams that they will serve. In Tibus we allow any format, to any device - true flexibility
  3. Available. We are a local company, so there are no timezone frustrations in play. Tibus' senior engineers are available when you are working in BST.
  4. Responsive. We don't work with the massive Global Media brands because we are simply not of that size. This means that all our customers are important to us. Those customers get an exceptional level of service, despite them not being one of the 'household names' in world media.
  5. Cost-effective. Our overheads are relatively low, so our price points tend to be very attractive for our customers.

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