Why Apple will probably enter the enterprise IT cloud market in 2016

The enterprise world looks primed for a big entrance from Apple and 2016 could be the year they make their move. Here are some of the reasons why that looks set to be the case…

Posted on 12 February 2016 - Hosting
Tibus BY Tibus

Enterprise is Apple mad

You cannot move in the enterprise sector for Apple devices. iMacs are the machine of choice in the design office, everyone in the delivery team is using an iPad and every executive is checking their emails and checking in on the rest of the team on their iPhone.

Many of those we haven’t mentioned - and probably most of those we have - are also liable to be using at least one piece of Apple technology on a bring-your-own-device basis (officially or otherwise).

Enterprise doesn’t like the current offerings

Neither Google’s enterprise cloud products nor Office 365 are really setting the enterprise industry alight.

There is a clear void to be filled and Apple are unlikely to let such an opportunity pass them by.

There’s a clear appetite for it

What with the aforementioned fanboy tech that has saturated the industry and widespread disillusionment with the current public cloud options, there is an appetite for Apple to come up with an alternative. Indeed the possibility of them doing just that is often discussed in enterprise offices.

In the fantasy scenario, which may well become reality this year, Apple swoop in with a business-led public cloud offering to save the day.