Web hosting facts and statistics that show the importance of choosing the right web host

How much thought do you give to picking a web host?

Posted on 28 April 2017 -
Tibus BY Tibus

If the answer is “not very much” then this article might convince you to give more careful considerations to choosing the right web host in future.

We have collated a selection of web hosting facts and statistics that have been published by various research groups, media companies and tech firms. Together they paint a picture of the very real impact that web hosting infrastructure has on the bottom line of all businesses, including yours.

Without the right type of hosting, website performance optimisation and security measures in place, a website is often actively dissuading potential customers from parting with their hard-earned cash.

Here are the statistics to back up that claim…

A 1-second delay in page response causes a 7% reduction in e-commerce conversions [Aberdeen Group]

38% of UK online shoppers will abandon an e-commerce website or app if it takes longer than 10 second to load [Econsultancy]

Conversion rate increases by 74% when page load time improves from eight seconds to two seconds. [Econsultancy]

undefinedA 4-second delay in page load results in the loss of 11.02% of page views [Optimizely

A 20-second delay in page load results in the loss of 44.19% of page views [Optimizely]

Sites on the first page of Google search results have an average page load speed of less than 2000 milliseconds. Sites on the tenth page of Google search results have an average page load speed of 2300 milliseconds. [Backlinko]

The world's top 50 e-commerce websites have an average page load speed of 2.51 seconds. The fastest of those loads in 0.457 seconds [Pingdom]

Pages must load within 1000 milliseconds to maintain a customer’s attention [Google’s Ilya Grigorik]

For every 1 second of improvement in its website page load speed, Walmart.com experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions [Radware]

30,000 sites are hacked every day [Forbes]

86% of websites have at least one serious security vulnerability [White Hat Security]

56% of hacked Wordpress sites, 84% of hacked Joomla! sites, 96% of hacked Magento sites and 81% of hacked Drupal sites are using outdated CMS applications [Sucuri]

84% of online shoppers would abandon a purchase if data was sent over an insecure connection [GlobalSign]

28.9% of online shoppers look for the green Extended Validation Certificate indicators in the address bar before buying [GlobalSign]

90% of large organisations have suffered a cyber security breach [HM Government]

Security breaches cost large organisations (more than 500 employees) between £1.46m and £3.14m. The average cost to small businesses is £75,000 to £311,000 [HM Government]

71% of ISO 27001 are receiving regular or occasional requests from their supply chain to provide evidence of ISO 27001 certification [IT Governance]

8% of SMEs and 24% of large enterprises are now using private cloud infrastructure [Eurostat]

46% of large enterprises already using the cloud limit their use of cloud services because they are unsure of the location of their data. 46% also have concerns about issues of legal jurisdiction in the event of a dispute [Eurostat]

Server downtime costs $7,908 per minute on average. That means a server with 99.95% availability would cost $173,303 per month, while a server with 98% availability would cost $6.9million per month [Ponemon]

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