Tibus heading to Internet Society Ireland chapter’s inaugural meeting

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Posted on 08 April 2016 - Internet
Tibus BY Tibus

Next week we will be attending the very first Internet Society Ireland chapter meeting.

The Internet Society campaigns, lobbies and promotes on a wide variety of issues relating to the Internet, including policy, governance, technology and development. It brings together groups of people - either globally or within local chapters - with an interest in the Internet being allowed to continue to evolve as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and economic development.

While Ireland has had members of the Internet Society for a while, we have not had a local chapter… until now.

The inaugural meeting of the Ireland chapter is the start of a process that will hopefully result in a better, healthier Internet for people across Ireland. Having an organised local chapter gives opportunities to:

  • Bring those interested in the well-being of the Internet in Ireland together to share insights and opinions.
  • Champion public policies that will improve open access in Ireland and help to create a healthier Internet.
  • Persuade governments of the merits of those policies with a stronger, collective voice.
  • Organise educational events to bring Internet issues to the attention of members and the wider public.

It also creates a better starting position to respond to any new Internet issues as they happen, so it is great news that Ireland finally has its own chapter.

If the issues we've mentioned here matter to you, it is not too late to become a member of the Internet Society and join the Ireland chapter. Find out more.