The benefits of private cloud hosting

Private clouds offer an excellent alternative to the public cloud for clients with demanding websites. So, what are the advantages of opting for a private cloud?

Posted on 26 January 2016 - Hosting
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Improved performance

Private clouds are usually multi-server hosting environments, which means load and traffic can be shared across servers to improve things like page load speed and website capacity.

Increased security

For organisations that are wary of the security risks attached to entrusting their data to the public cloud, a private cloud is a more secure alternative. Private clouds allow for more control over the security of your server than is possible in the public cloud.

Greater scalability

Compared to a dedicated bare metal server, a private cloud offers more opportunity to scale up (or down) to ensure you always have the resources needed at your disposal. Gone are the days of paying for capacity you don’t need all the time. Gone, too, are the days of your website going down when you get a spike in traffic.

Choice of configuration

A private cloud hosting setup can be achieved using dedicated or shared hardware - or a combination of both - to create an environment that best suits your requirements. A dedicated setup further enhances the security aspect mentioned above, giving you even greater control over your hardware.

A shared setup means increased flexibility, reduced time to deployment and rapid scalability. With a dedicated private cloud environment there is no ‘hard limit’ to your cloud in terms of hardware capability, so it can keep scaling up and up and up!

Reduced costs

Assuming your organisation cannot afford to have a website that falls over whenever it attracts serious traffic, given the choice between a private cloud that scales up to meet that capacity requirement and a server that is at a specification to cope with the demands of the biggest traffic spike you’re expecting, the private cloud is by far the most cost-effective option.

And what happens when you surpass the biggest traffic spike you had expected? As we’ve established, the private cloud can scale up, whereas you would otherwise be left scrambling to buy more bandwidth (probably paying over the going rate in the process).

Best of both worlds

If you want to take advantage of the accessibility and flexibility of the public cloud, a private cloud can easily be integrated to create what is termed a hybrid cloudThis usually involves a hosting architecture that keeps the internet-facing elements of your business separate from any that are using the public cloud.

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