Private cloud server: how would it work for you?

Are you wondering how a private cloud server would work for your organisation? Here's the lowdown on what it entails.

Posted on 18 July 2017 -
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Perhaps you’re not quite sure what a private cloud server is, what would mean for your company or whether it is the right option for you. In this article, we will give an overview of a typical private cloud infrastructure.

In short, a private cloud server is one that is configured to mimic the main benefits of using the public cloud while also retaining the benefits of a dedicated bare metal server. 

In reality this is usually achieved with multiple private cloud servers rather than a single private cloud server. When you think about cloud hosting, the main benefits that come to mind are scalability and flexibility. This can be achieved by creating a multi-server hosting environment that is wrapped into a platform and dedicated to a single customer: your very own cloud with the infrastructure to cope with high traffic demands and scale up even further if required through the addition of more servers.

Your traffic can be shared across the multiple servers to maintain performance and page load speed, while the infrastructure is also equipped to cope with the loss of a single server in the event of maintenance being required.

The benefits of a dedicated server

We mentioned that a private cloud server setup is designed to retain the benefits of a dedicated bare metal server. The principle benefits are that you know exactly where your data is at any given time (i.e. in the metal box where you stored it) and you also know that nobody is doing anything to undermine the security provisions you put in place on your server because nobody else is accessing it.

When you store data in the public cloud, it effectively disappears into a network of data centres. In some cases, you might not know in which country your data is residing, let alone its precise location, and lax security measures by your virtual neighbours could have a knock-on effect for your business.

Tibus private cloud environments can be built on either dedicated or shared hardware depending on the level of importance you place on having sole access to the server in question. Even in shared environments, we will be able to pinpoint your server within our data centre.

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