Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server

Which is better for your hosting requirements: cloud hosting or a dedicated server? Let’s find out.

Posted on 26 February 2016 - Hosting
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Benefits of Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting offers great opportunities to scale up or scale down depending on your demands at a particular time. Whereas a dedicated bare metal server has a fixed capacity, with a cloud you have unlimited resources at your disposal.

Improved performance

A cloud hosting environment is usually built across multiple servers. As well as allowing the scalability mentioned above, it also provides improved performance. This is because load and traffic can be shared across more than one serve to increase capacity, allow faster page load speed and prevent your website from becoming unavailable.

Better value

With a dedicated server, if you want to run a professional website, you need to pay for a server with the maximum capacity you might expect to need on the busiest of days. With cloud hosting, you only need to pay for the capacity you need at a particular time.

Benefits of Dedicated Server


With a dedicated bare metal hosting setup, you have the security benefits of having a physical server. You know precisely where it is and who has access to it.

Peace of mind

A dedicated server arrangement means the server is not shared with any one else one. That means only data and applications are hosted on the server and nobody else - except your web hosting company, should they be instructed to do so - will be accessing the server.

Tailored performance

Since the dedicated server is yours and yours alone it can be built to your specification to ensure it performs well under the circumstances you need it to.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

One way to avail of many of the benefits mentioned above is to opt for a private cloud hosting setup. This would involve building your own cloud - not shared with other people - on dedicated hardware. This gives the security and peace of mind of a dedicated bare metal server, while also offering the scalability and flexibility of cloud hosting.

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