About Us

Tibus is a highly experienced Hosting Service Provider, formed in 1996. It provides secure hosting services and streaming solutions for customers across the UK & Ireland.

Where we started

Tibus was formed in 1996 in Holywood Co. Down, as a web design, development and hosting provider. It was established and wholly owned by the Anderson Spratt Group, a marketing communications agency. Following a hugely successful 12 years under ASG, Tibus was sold to UTV Media plc (since renamed Wireless Group) in 2008. Soon after, Tibus began to focus solely on Digital Infrastructure services: hosting and streaming.

Tibus is funded entirely from its own income. It has been profitable for every year of its existence and continues to grow every year.

Where we operate

Tibus is head-quartered in Belfast, NI. 90% of our business is based outside Northern Ireland, particularly in Dublin and London. We travel extensively across the UK and Ireland.

We operate in 6 different data centres, and link these facilities using our own network. This gives us the ability to guarantee service quality for our customers.

  • Dublin Telecity
  • Dublin InterXion
  • London TeleHouse (North and West)
  • Belfast BT Telephone House
  • Perth Datacom
  • Brisbane Sanity Tech

How we work

We offer a number of off-the-shelf products for services like Co-Lo and VPS, but typically there is a degree of customisation involved in what we do. We're very proud of our flexibility and indeed developing solutions for client requirements (normally in conjunction with them) is something that we enjoy. Most of our client engagements require one of or more of our products, combined with some bespoke solution.

We are transparent in how we price the elements of our services, and we are fair in how we do that. Our business is based on monthly recurring services, so we know that it is always in our long term interests to be open and honest with our clients. To this day, we work with many of the clients that joined us over 20 years ago. Our rate of client loss is almost zero.

Tibus is ISO 27001 certified and we use that framework to manage all of our customer engagements.

Engaging with Tibus - the typical order-of-play

  1. Client contacts us, normally by email or phone.
  2. We tease out the outline of the problem, normally by email followed by conference call.
  3. NDAs are exchanged (if required).
  4. We sketch an outline solution with rough costs, and return those to the client via email for review.
  5. Client is asked to confirm that the budget ballpark and the outline solution are acceptable to them.
  6. We create the detailed technical designs, and develop the cost model in detail.
  7. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are built and forwarded to the client for sign off.
  8. Implementation plan is agreed.
  9. SLAs are returned to Tibus and the relevant info from them is added to the Tibus Management Systems.
  10. Handover and service commissioning.

Don't just take our word for it!

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