A web hosting infrastructure that can grow with this popular Irish Language database.



Téarma.ie is Foras na Gaeilge's National Terminology Database. The database contains more than 338,000 terms, which are searchable in Irish or English. 

Foras na Gaeilge is responsible for promoting the Irish Language and facilitating its use in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Téarma is a key part of its work to do that. As such, it needs a reliable, secure and scalable hosting platform that can grow with the database as it heads towards expected usage levels of 1.4 million searches per month.

It is that hosting platform that Tibus was asked to deliver.

What We Did

Foras Na Gaeilge specified its storage requirements for the main public database and a private database. We provided a storage area network (SAN) that far exceeds the brief and equips Téarma to comfortably handle future growth.

We built a resilient, scalable and low latency private cloud hosting architecture that provides guaranteed 99.999% availability for all the websites, databases and applications in hosts. All of the hardware, resources and capacity in the architecture are dedicated solely to Foras na Gaeilge.

We use redundant host nodes and a load balanced environment comprising multiple servers to mitigate against hardware or server failure and maintain high availability at all times.

Téarma's server is hosted in one of our Dublin data centres. A daily backup of the database is made in the data centre, with a secondary, off-site backup also being made in a different data centre.


Foras Na Gaeilge has a hosting infrastructure that not only delivers the scalability to cope with their planned growth, but would also scale up far beyond those levels if necessary. This, coupled with the 99.999% availability of our hosting services, provides the reliability that Foras Na Gaeilge and Téarma users expect.

Given that we operate to ISO 27001 standards and that the private cloud we have built is not shared with any other client, Foras Na Gaeilge have maximum peace of mind when it comes to the security of its websites and databases. Our comprehensive backup service minimises the potential losses in the case of a cyberattack, fire or human error that results in a disaster recovery process being initiated.

Hosting the database in Dublin also provides the best user experience for Téarma’s target audience in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland by minimising the distance data has to travel between the server and the user’s device.