Office of the Attorney General

Robust and secure hosting befitting the websites of Ireland's chief law officer.

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The Office of the Attorney General is the governmental department headed by the Republic of Ireland’s legal advisor to the Government and chief law officer. Although it is called ‘the’ office, it actually comprises several offices with wide ranging responsibilities. As such, it has a small network of websites to cater to some of these distinct areas of work.

This includes a main website (, a website for the Chief State Solicitor's Office ( and a website for the Irish Statute Book (

Tibus was asked to propose a managed web hosting infrastructure that matched the Office of the Attorney General’s specification and provided robust, scalable and secure hosting for all of its websites.

What We Did

We explored the technical platforms in use across the Office of the Attorney General’s websites and the way in which the websites are used to help us build a hosting environment that meets and surpasses the requirements included in the specification.

The infrastructure includes virtual servers that are 100% dedicated to the Office of the Attorney General and stored in one of the certified, secure and purpose-built data centres we use. Their contents are backed up at least once a day, and these backups are taken off-site and stored at a secondary data centre.

Our managed service involves responsibility for DDOS protection; DNS management; hardware management, maintenance and support; software management, patching and version control; operating system version control and patch management; security and hardening; anti-virus and malware protection; monitoring, alerting and proactive support; service level management and reporting; and data backups and restoration.

We implemented tools such as DELL OpenManage, VCentre, Nagios and Cacti to monitor hardware and software performance.


The Office of the Attorney General now has the robust, scalable and secure managed hosting setup it requested.

The specification of the hosting environment we have built exceeds many of the Office of the Attorney General’s expectations by 10%, which ensures the scalability and robustness we were asked to provide. In the case that the websites exceed the anticipated traffic levels, either for a short period or indefinitely, a new virtual server can be commissioned within minutes.

"Tibus has provided the Office with a stable and secure hosting service that delivers very fast response times, especially for the heavily used Irish Statute Book legislation site."

Gerry Matthews, Office of the Attorney General

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