Click Energy

Giving a new player in Northern Ireland's energy sector the digital infrastructure it needs in order to compete.

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A secure and robust digital infrastructure is absolutely essential for companies operating in the energy sector. For new players entering the market, their reputation and future growth is dependent on having these things right from the very outset in order to build and maintain confidence among customers and potential customers.

That’s why Click Energy chose to work closely with Tibus in the build-up to its launch as a new energy supplier to Northern Ireland in October 2015. Our reputation for providing precisely the sort of resilient hosting services the project demanded and our track record of working with other clients in the energy sector marked us out as the ideal partners for the project.

As its name suggests, Click Energy is focused on making it as easy as possible for its customers to manage their accounts online, which perhaps further increases the need for suitable digital infrastructure.

What We Did

There are two main strands to Tibus’ work with Click Energy.

Firstly, we put in place the infrastructure to host the system Click Energy uses across its network and ensured that this integrated with the rest of Northern Ireland’s electricity network. This system includes various functions, including the transmission of market messages to NIE, who own and manage the wires and meters of the physical network.

Secondly, we host Click Energy’s website and internal systems. Given the company’s focus on easy and straightforward online customer interaction, this needed to be reliable and secure. The company needs to collect customer information, so it is vital to keep the data safe through a secure hosting setup.first step was to engage in a process of discovery to ensure we understood every aspect of the new website. .


The infrastructure put in place to host Click Energy’s systems and website is comfortably coping with the growing demand as the company attracts more customers. An intensive testing programme before launch simulated the circumstances in which the infrastructure now operates and ensured it was fit for purpose.

Click Energy has the hosting platform it needs in order to secure the 24/7, 365 days-a-year, 99.999% availability demanded. With this infrastructure complementing a competitive pricing structure, the company has been able to achieve rapid growth in its short existence to date.

"The electricity market is complex, with lots of infrastructure needed to make sure it works effectively. We chose Tibus due to their reputation for resilience and 99.999% uptime. The guys from Tibus have been brilliant. They helped us out a lot in the hectic run-up to our launch and did lots of testing ahead of deployment."

Damian Wilson, Managing Director