Creating tailored, secure and hassle-free hosting architectures for users of the ProCon capital project software.



8over8 is a software vendor specialising in contract risk management, contract lifecycle management and claims management applications. Its flagship product, ProCon, helps clients in the construction, oil and gas, mining, power and energy sectors, plus other industries that share the need to effectively manage their major capital investments, to streamline the collaborative relationship between all the decision-makers involved in a particular project.

Given that the software is designed to improve an organisation’s profitability and performance by simplifying and structuring commercial activity and decision-making, it is understandable that many of 8over8’s clients choose to pass hosting responsibilities for this contract management software to a third-party expert.

Whenever that’s the case, 8over8 calls upon Tibus to host the application for them.

What We Did

We liaised with 8over8 to create a bespoke hosting architecture suitable for the sophisticated ProCon software. For any of 8over8’s clients who do not want to host the application on their own servers, we undertake a bespoke server build to the required specification, adapting our offering to suit the requirements of each client.

Depending on those requirements, in terms of how many environments the software will operate in and what disaster recovery provision is needed, we follow one of a few agreed build plans to create a server that is configured to precisely meet the needs of both the ProCon software and the end user.

The server is then hosted in one of our data centres, with 8over8 able to build the software onto the Tibus infrastructure and handle every other aspect of tailoring it to their client’s specification.


By working with Tibus, 8over8 is able to offer its application as a SaaS (software as a service) system to clients who don’t have hosting expertise in-house. The simplicity with which this can be achieved ensures the software appeals to a wider range of businesses than might otherwise be the case. Indeed, as mentioned above, it also appeals to organisations who simply don’t want the responsibility of hosting the application themselves.

The 99.995% availability of servers in our data centres surpass the requirements of ProCon’s users, which means they are always able to benefit from the efficiencies of using the software.

“Tibus are really responsive. We’ve been working with them for about 10 years, so they must be doing something right to keep us onboard for so long. We have lots of interaction with them and it’s always with knowledgable, technical people who get things done. “

Niall McDonnell, Global Technical Services Manager