Why we sometimes advise our customers to use another web host

Some web hosts depend upon bringing in a huge volume of clients at very low prices with little or no consideration as to what service is best suited to the website in question. We do things a bit differently...

Posted on 26 April 2016 - Hosting
Tibus BY Tibus

At Tibus, our reputation has been built on tailoring the web hosting services we provide to each of our clients. Whatever it is that a customer is planning to host, we want to advise them on the setup that will do the job most effectively, provide the best experience for their customers and allow them to deliver on their digital strategies.

But when we’re striving to ensure that the website or application is hosted in the way that is best-suited to its specific demands, that sometimes means accepting that we are not the best company to host it. If that’s the case, we will give our client away to another web host (but not before helping them find the hosting firm that is best placed to help them).

In other cases, we might stand down from a portion of our hosting duties, if we cannot fulfil them as well as another company would be able to do. Take our clients at Cruise Ireland as an example. They offer rental boat holidays in Ireland and have developed a big German customer base over the years. 

When they decided to create a German language website with a .de domain to cater for that customer base, we knew we were not the best people to host the website. Our infrastructure is geared towards providing the best user experience in the UK and Ireland. We also knew that hosting on a server with a German IP address would result in the new website ranking more highly in German search engine results and therefore being seen by more potential customers.

We informed Cruise Ireland about this and helped them find the German web host whose services were best matched to their requirements. We continue to host the main website, but we were happy to pass up the extra work on the German website to ensure it was hosted in the most effective way.

And that is a philosophy we bring to all clients. We will not host a website if we don't think we're the best people to host it. 

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