Where is this site hosted?

Do you ever visit a website and wonder: where is this site hosted? It's usually pretty easy to find the answer.

Posted on 11 October 2017 -
Tibus BY Tibus

There are a few reasons that might have prompted you to ask that question. Perhaps you have been experiencing particularly sluggish performance from the site and are interested to see where it is hosted. After all, the closer you are to the server that hosts the website, the quicker the site is likely to be when you visit it.

Alternatively, perhaps you have been snooping on a competitor. Maybe you think there web hosting is particularly good or particularly bad and you want to find where the site is hosted.

Or maybe you have visited a website that is slick and speedy to use, and you’re interested to see where the website is hosted because you might be interested in working with the web host in question.

Fortunately, it is really to simple to find out where a website is hosted and who is hosting it.

Finding out where a site is hosted

There are many online tools that will give you a quick and easy answer to the question: where is this site hosted.

Your first and official port of call is the not-for-profit ICANN website, which keeps a register of all domain registrations. It will tell you lots of details about who is hosting the website, who is the registrar for the website and which nameservers the site is hosted on.

As for other options, whoishostingthis.com will immediately tell you which web host is hosting a particular website, the nameservers on which the domain is hosted and the IP address for the website in question.

WebHostingHero.com’s equivalent service gives the same information but also provides a geographical location for the server, so that offers a more immediate insight into where the site is hosted.

So, when you look up tibus.com, you will see that the website is hosted by Tibus (no complaints from us - we reckon those guys do a great job), that the domain is hosted on our DNS and that the server location is our data centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Where should your website be hosted?

If you have key customer bases in Ireland or the UK, we're well placed to provide web hosting services that offer the best user experience for your audience.

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