UKNOF, ISOC and RIPE NCC Training come to Belfast!

UKNOF is forum of network operators from the UK, Ireland and further field which facilitates the exchange of operational, technical and engineering information related to Internet operations. The broader remit of the group is ‘distribution of clue’ and the meetings are well attended by staff from both large and small network operators. Tibus staff have attended meetings and derived great value from them, and we encourage all folks in the network and Internet engineering arenas to give the meeting a look.

Posted on 15 August 2014 - Announcement
Tibus BY Tibus

ISOC, the Internet Society, engages in a wide range of Internet issues including technology, governance, policy and development. ISOC is running their ION conference alongside the UKNOF meeting. Along a similar vein to UKNOF, ION conferences allow operators to gather and discuss operation challenges and experiences obtained when dealing with dealing with bleeding and leading edge Internet trends and technologies. For example IPV6 adoption, the deployment of DNSSEC to secure the DNS infrastructure and extensions to routing protocols to secure the very fabric of the Internet.

The two conferences are running in the Assembly Buildings on Great Victoria Street on 8th and 9th September 2014.

Following later in the week, the RIPE Network Coordination Centre training team will be in Belfast offering training on advanced IPV6 deployment to all Local Internet Registries and RIPE members.

Tibus participate in a number of Internet groups and forums aligned with the smooth and stable operational running of the Internet, running a small corner of that Internet ourselves. Here at Tibus we're delighted to have the opportunity to participate in these events in our home town!