Time running out to get a £3,000 voucher towards installing superfast internet

Businesses in Northern Ireland can get £3,000 towards installing a superfast broadband line - but they need to act fast.

Posted on 07 July 2015 - Broadband Connectivity Superfast
Tibus BY Tibus

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the UK Connected Cities voucher scheme has now ended because the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's £3,000 grants have all been allocated. But you can still secure faster broadband for your business from Tibus. Click here to find out more about getting Tibus Ultrafast internet.

The scheme awarding Connection Vouchers to Northern Ireland businesses ends on March 31, 2016, and could finish before that if the £40million fund runs out earlier.

If your business could benefit from superfast broadband and would like the government to pay £3,000 towards the installation costs, now is a great time to press ahead.

What exactly is this Connection Vouchers scheme?

The scheme was set-up by the government and, as we say, is due to run out soon. It is designed to help businesses grow and develop by virtue of having access to really quick internet.

The vouchers are available in 50 cities across the UK, with the whole of Northern Ireland being considered a ‘city’ for the purpose of the scheme. 

What can you spend your voucher on?

The £3,000 voucher would go towards installing Tibus Ultrafast broadband in your business.

Why would you want Tibus Ultrafast?

This is very high-end internet connectivity. You would get:

  • An uncontended service, which means the line is just for you and is not shared with anyone else in the building, street or city - so your superfast broadband won’t slow down even if a cat video is going viral round the office next door
  • Use of our private fibre optic broadband network
  • A service tailored to the exact requirements of your organisation
  • 24/7 technical advice and support, including unlimited direct dial access to a senior IP engineer

How do I get a voucher?

Getting in touch with us is the first stage to get the ball rolling. We can then provide you with a quote, which will form the basis of your application for a Connection Voucher. It's a very straightforward process.

Do you want a £3,000 Connection Voucher?

Just send us a message, including your business postcode, to start the process.

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