Tibus approved as UK Government Digital Outcomes and Specialists supplier

Continuing our work with public sector organisations, we've been accepted to a new digital marketplace framework created by the UK Government.

Posted on 30 March 2016 - G-Cloud
Tibus BY Tibus

Tibus has been providing hosting and cloud services for simple procurement via the UK Government’s G-Cloud framework for some time now. The latest development in that regard is that we have this month been approved as a Digital Outcomes and Specialists supplier on G-Cloud.

For the uninitiated, G-Cloud is the government’s digital marketplace, which allows public sector bodies to easily buy cloud and digital services from pre-approved suppliers at transparent prices without the need for lengthy procurement processes.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework is a new initiative built around providing new digital procurement templates and model contracts for use across government. It aims to: 

  • further reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with procurement.
  • allow buyers and suppliers to talk to each other so they can decide whether there is a good fit.
  • give more suppliers the opportunity to support digital transformation across the whole of the public sector.

 And Tibus has been approved as a digital specialist within that framework. We are among 1,261 successful suppliers around the UK whose applications to the new framework were accepted, which is indicative of our standing as a reliable, secure web host.

The Cabinet Office’s Digital Marketplace blog produced a heat map to show the location of its Digital Outcomes and Specialists across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is pretty to easy to pick out our Belfast headquarters!

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