Testing Dell 9000 and FX series servers (with a bonus Oculus demo)

We've been to visit Dell in Limerick as part of our procurement process for some new servers. We were also treated to having a go on the Oculus demo machine during the trip (strictly in the name of business, you understand).

Posted on 11 September 2015 - Tibus Servers
Tibus BY Tibus

Tibus visit Dell European Solutions Centre

We visited the Dell European Solutions Centre in Limerick for a two-day tech analysis session this week.

The reason for the trip was that we were assessing the options before procuring the hardware for new backup-as-a-service and backup your Cloud data service options.

We specifically loved the 9000 storage and FX series services that Dell had to show us. It is good to see vendors like Dell setting an interesting pace in terms of storage and RAM, both of which are required by busy websites and demanding data storage solutions.

Oculus demo

While we were there, we got to have a go on the Oculus demo machine in the Dell demo lab. It was all in the name of work, honest!

Anyway, we can report that it is really good - our engineers have been raving about it ever since.

But being lifelong geeks, we were just as envious of Dell's server cradles, which you can see in the photos above. We could have done with those in the days of lugging van-loads of kit up and down deserted Irish motorways in the wee hours. 

 Ratchet straps and server boxes were the best we had in our van back in the day, with a particularly careful braking technique required on London’s M25.

£500,000 investment

Those days are gone now, thank goodness, courtesy of our investments in huge servers that can serve multiple clients. Our investments are at £500,000 and they are designed to last for more than three years.

 So, the days of begging the use of a warehouse forklift in some London data centre at 3am seem to be behind us!