Service outage in BT data centre expected Sunday 28th June

BT want to replace the mains power provision with a temporary UPS.

Posted on 25 June 2015 - Announcement
Tibus BY Tibus

Moving off the mains power and on to UPS is much welcome.

This is due for Sunday though that is not confirmed and we don't yet know exactly what time on Sunday it is due to take place. We don't know how long the switchover might be expected to take.

We do know that we'll need to have engineers at the data centre because this is a 'hard down' power interruption. As soon as we get the details confirmed from BT we'll let you know - we're conscious many of our clients are interested and of course need to know for their own application management.

Importantly, we have notice. So we can power down systems gracefully before mains power is removed. That will make the knock-on impact to our own services much less than yesterday afternoon.

So at this point we're expecting service interruption to Belfast based connectivity and hosting customers on Sunday sometime.

More details when we have them.