Migrating your website to Tibus

Many web hosting companies offer a site migration guide on their website. This is usually a list of processes and tasks you need to undertake in order to become their customer. At Tibus, we do things a bit differently.

Posted on 25 August 2015 - Tibus Migration
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Web hosting site migration, Tibus style

undefinedHere’s our guide to migrating your website to Tibus. You will be pleased to learn that very few of the steps in this particular guide need to be undertaken by you.

Setting up your server and hosting package is so key to the success of any website that we don’t think anybody should be muddling through with the help of an internet tutorial.

We believe you should have the experts - your hosting company - handle the migration for you. If you were migrating to Australia, you wouldn’t be left to fly the plane alone and nor should you be expected to migrate your website to a new host.

These are the processes we go through when migrating a website:

Getting to know your website or app

Before we do anything, we want to know about the intricacies of your website or app. We want to understand what it does (including any third-party integrations), how and why people use it, and how many people use it.

We also want to know the benefits of your site or app and the value it provides to users. It is also important for us to understand its role within your organisation, including its impact on reputation, revenue, strategy and the business in general.

In-depth discovery

The next stage in the migration process is to explore your current hosting architecture, discuss any pain or pinch points, find out in which aspects the current setup works well and get information on any previous or current issues.

Written proposal

We will then provide a detailed proposal, including fixed costs for a recommended hosting solution, platform and architecture. We’ll also clarify the specifics of the migration process.

Your service level agreement (SLA) requirements will also be confirmed at this stage.

Plan, plan, plan

You’ve given the go-ahead, so we now set about planning your new hosting architecture and the migration process.


We will build your new hosting infrastructure in parallel to your existing setup to avoid disruption to your website or app. Once it is built, we will copy the code over so we can see the new architecture in action.

Testing (and more testing)

We then undergo a period of extensive testing, including user acceptance testing (UAT), security scans, load speed tests and performance tests.

On the basis of those test results, we optimise the hosting set-up. Then we test again.

Agree final migration plan

With everything ready to go, we will double-check the final migration plan with you, including agreement on a date for cutover to the new architecture and rollback of the existing architecture.

We will agree a freeze on new code and content on your website or app to ensure nothing is lost during the migration process.


In other words, we swap the DNS and press the buttons to go live with your new hosting setup.

Further optimisation

With the new architecture live, we explore any further opportunities for optimisation, then undergo a debriefing process to ensure you’re happy with everything.

At that stage we will revert to our business-as-usual plans for continual monitoring and improvement, with support available as agreed in the SLA.

Does that sound like your sort of hosting migration?

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