IT service providers and consultants, find a better way of providing backups to your clients

Tibus’ newly launched Veeam Cloud Connect backup as as service provides IT service providers and consultants with a better way to provide a secure, affordable and efficient backup service to their clients.

Posted on 05 June 2017 -
Tibus BY Tibus

The service provides a daily offsite backup suited to use on a white label basis by support providers and managed service operators and enterprise IT departments.

If you’re currently running a backup service of your own for customers, the Veeam Cloud Connect backup as as service will make your life much easier. Add value for your clients with no capital investment required, minimum configuration work to undertake, and little or no ongoing management needed. Grandfather, Father and Son (GSM) backup hierarchies can be easily created.

undefinedCompared with spending thousands of pounds on buying a tape drive, then managing the system, including rotating the backup versions, this is cheaper and simpler. It also has the potential to open up a new revenue stream with monthly service charges.

Shouldn’t we use one of the big boys to provide a backup service for our clients?

When you work with Tibus, you are dealing with local people. When you need help or support we are just at the end of the phone. No need to raise a support ticket and wait for a reply: give us a call.

Equally, we know where your client’s data is located. You can choose from locations in the UK or Ireland, depending on your customer’s requirements. We would be able to take you straight to the backup location should the need arise, which has got to be preferable to having your client’s data stored at an anonymous location somewhere within a huge global network.

Our information management is ISO 27001 certified, so your client’s data will be handled to the highest standards.

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If you think the Veeam Cloud Connect backup as a service might be of use to you and your clients, get in touch for more details.

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