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We’re a web hosting and digital infrastructure company, not an advertising network, so how can we help you maximise your internet radio revenue? Read on to find out.

Posted on 31 March 2016 - Streaming
Tibus BY Tibus

Among the hosting services we provide is live streaming of radio content. Along with that, we provide ad replacement technology, which allows the broadcasters we work with to increase their advertising profits.

The technology allows a specific advert or adverts to be played out to listeners within a specific geographic market. Suppose you’ve sold airtime to a UK-only washing detergent brand. Playing out the advert to markets in which the product isn’t even available will offer a poor return on investment for your advertiser. Indeed, they might request that they will only pay to reach UK listeners.

Using our ad replacement services, you can avoid giving away advertising time and instead sell the  ad to a different advertising who is more suited to the marketplace.

More than revenue

In addition to increasing your bottom line, the advert replacement technology can also help your advert any legal issues or a cultural faux pas. For instance, you could ensure that betting adverts are not played to any markets in which gambling is illegal or socially unacceptable.

Using ad replacements in this way helps to protect your brand and the brands of your advertisers.

What technology will Tibus use?

We use Adswizz to provide ad replacement for digital playout of our broadcast clients’ content. This platform allows for targeted campaigns on any device and application and across all broadcast types, including live, linear, podcast, on-demand radio.

Which broadcasters have worked with Tibus?

We’ve worked with the likes of talkSPORT, U105, UTV and the Wireless Group plc’s network of local radio stations around the UK and Ireland.

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