Hosting services: what are your choices?

In this article we will take a broad look at the main types of hosting services.

Posted on 28 July 2017 -
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When it comes to choosing hosting services, the options are almost unlimited (as might be your bandwidth, depending on which hosting option you choose). Let’s run through some of the main hosting services available at present.

VPS hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the creation of a hosting environment for a single client. It is usually one of the cheapest hosting services available. It is also very easy to manage because the hosting company is usually responsible for the hardware, with the client only managing the ‘virtual’ aspects of the infrastructure. The downside is that the physical components are usually shared with other clients.

Private cloud hosting

Private cloud hosting is the creation of a infrastructure by wrapping multiple servers into a single hosting environment. The purpose of this is to mimic the flexibility and scalability of public cloud hosting services while retaining full control over the location of the server and access to it.

Dedicated bare metal hosting

Traditionally hosting services came in the form of a metal box that you could point out as being the place where your data - and only your data - is stored. That approach lives on in the form of dedicated bare metal hosting. This is useful for organisations that need to prove physical separation between their data and the data of the hosting company’s other clients. It is also a safe option for organisations for which security is such a pressing concern that it has to retain total control over every aspect of the server and keep it separate from any form of cloud hosting.

Colocation hosting

Co-Lo (colocation) hosting is essentially data centre based web hosting. As such it involves the renting of hardware, space and bandwidth to suit It is usually very cost-effective because it avoids having to invest in infrastructure, hardware and day-to-day management of servers.

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