Choosing the right Cloud for your organisation in 2015

Christmas is looming, which means we all get a few days to sit down and take stock. That, in turn, means we will return to work in the new year full of fresh ideas.

Posted on 10 December 2014 - Hosting
Tibus BY Tibus

So, at organisations around the world, people will go back to business in 2015 determined to take their organisation into the Cloud.

Of course, this offers great opportunities for efficient and easily accessible content hosting, online delivery and content storage. But we know that a snap decision to ‘move to the Cloud’ early in 2015 could cause major headaches for CIOs and IT departments.

For organisations that are used to controlling all security, reliability and availability issues in-house, opting for Cloud hosting can be nerve-wracking. But it needn’t be, because not all Clouds are created equal…

Private Cloud

There is a sense that using the Cloud means uploading your data alongside that of millions of other businesses to creat some sort of à la carte menu for hackers. That doesn’t have to be the case; you could get your own Cloud.

At Tibus, we design, build and manage private Cloud-based platforms for individual organisations. These typically use VMware technology on dedicated hardware. Since the platform is tailored to your company’s requirements, only hosts your data and is managed solely in your interests, it is far more secure than the public Cloud.

That makes it a great solution if your organisation is being pressured towards the Cloud by a person or department without a clear idea of what the implications might be for security and performance.

Public Cloud

That said, there may be reasons why it makes sense for your organisation to open up to the risks of the public Cloud. For instance, perhaps you don’t need the levels of assurance and security that we’ve just mentioned in relation to a private Cloud.

Indeed, far from there being a security risk attached to people accessing the data in question, you might be actively encouraging them to access it.

In cases like this, we are not tied to a particular public Cloud operator and will partner with the best shared hardware platform for your requirements.

Hybrid Cloud

Perhaps aspects of both those types of Cloud appeal. In that case, a hybrid Cloud could be the option for you. Again, we will recommend or build the platform best-suited to your needs, incorporating both public and private infrastructure.

That might mean integrating an origin server on a private cloud with third party CDN and Cloud providers to deliver the best of both worlds.


So, the bottom line is that moving your organisation into the Cloud in 2015 doesn’t have to be daunting, as long as you’re steering towards the type of Cloud that’s best suited to your requirements.